5 Good Books You Must Read: Recommendations for LP/UP Assistant Exam Preparation 2020

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For those who already cleared the KTET Exam, the best option is to focus on LP/UP Assistant Exam rather than LDC.

In this the wake of LP/UP Assistant Exam date announcement, we are introducing 5 Expertly Selected LP UP Assistant Books for 2020 Exam Preparation

Books for LP UP Assistant Exam Preparation.

One of the common question asked by those aiming for a job as a teacher ask this question should I prepare for LP/UP Assistant Exam or LDC Exam?

Many Kerala PSC aspirants are preparing for different Exams like LDC, SI of Police, BDO, Excise Inspector along with LP/UP Assistant Exam.

Unlike others, some of them are preparing solely for LP/UP Assistant Exam.

But there is a third category of person who had applied for LP/UP assistant exam and later shifted their attention for the preparation of LDC Exam.

Top 5 LP UP Assistant Books

BookAuthor / PublisherBook Type
LPST / UPST (LP/UP RANK FILE) (Malayalam)Prof.(Dr.) K.SIVARAJANLearn MoreRank File
LP/UP ASSISTANT RANK FILE( FOCUS) (Malayalam)Focus Academy (V.G Saji)Learn MoreRank File
LP/UP Assistant Rank File (Includes Previous Question Paper)Talent AcademyLearn MoreRank File
LP-UP Assistant (Malayalam) (Includes Previous Question Papers)PhD Dr.V.Balakrishnan MALearn More Rank File
LP /UP Model QUESTION BookAnand PublicationsLearn MoreModel Questions Paper Book

While taking with some of those preparing for LP/UP Assistant exam, they are skeptical about the number of appointments that are about happen.

In this blog post we are shedding more light on the chances of LP/UP Assistant Exam.

For many it is a long standing dream to become a teacher and they have strived hard to clear the KTET Exam as well.

If you have already applied for LP/UP Assistant Exam 2020 then you must focus to achieve top rank in the exam.

For whichever exam you are about to prepare, you will be having an idea about the no of expected vacancies, how to many people got appointed from the previous list etc.

With regard to LDC exam many people are shaing valuable resources on the preparation.

But with regard to How to prepare for LP/UP Assistant exam it seems that the information shared is very minimal.

One thing has to be noted that in March 2020 many teachers got retired, the number of teacher got retired has gone upto 5000.

The no of retired teachers in 2020 comprises of LP School Teachers, UP School Teachers and Higher School Teachers.

What you can understand from this news is that about that much vacancies are still there for School Teachers in Kerala.

The number of teachers got retired is more than the vacancies which is already notified by Kerala Public Service Commission.

Considering the previous LP/UP Assistant list, it has to be noted that the appointments has gone beyond 5000 ranks (based on differnet factors).

LP/UP Assistant Exam actually brings in a unique opportunity for who have already cleared K-TET Exam.

Grab this opportunity and prepare in such a manner that you can clear the exam in the next attempt itself.

LP/UP Assistant Exam Date Announced by Kerala PSC

s per the latest Kerala PSC Notification and mentioned in the PSC Exam calendar the LP/UP Assistant Exam will be conducted in the month of November 2020.

UP School Teacher (UPSA) Exam will be conducted on the 7th of November and on the 24th of November LP School Teacher (LPSA) Exam will be conducted.

The Exam Syllabus will be like this

Main Topics:-
Syllabus based on Educational Qualification.

  • PART I: General Knowledge, Current Affairs
  • PART II: Social Science & Renaissance in Kerala
  • PART III: General Science
  • PART IV: Simple Arithmetic
  • PART V: Education and Child Psychology

After Kerala PSC had invited applications for LP/UP Assistant Exam there has been enough time to prepare for the same.

But many of us thought that there will be no exam conducted in the year 2020 due to the corona pandemic.

Things have changed in the recent past that Kerala PSC had announced dates for conducting LP/UP Assistant Exam.

Now many of them are skeptical about how I can clear the exams within this short period.

The important thing is that now you have to think about how you can utilize the remaining time and crack LP/UP Assistant Exam 2020.

First of all, you need to have to gain that self-confidence that you will be able to clear the exam this year itself.

LP/UP Assistant Exam Advantage

In one of our recent articles regarding Kerala PSC LP/UP Assistant Applicants for 2020, we had discussed the decrease in the no of people for this year’s LP/UP Assistant exam.

Based on that it should be noted that this is the right time and best opportunity to become a school teacher with the Government of Kerala.

In the current scenario, many people are preparing for the exam solely depending on self-study and online coaching programs.

Considering the fact that almost all the people are leveraging the same strategy for LP/UP Assistant Exam Preparation, you should be taking a different approach by relying more on lp up assistant books for learning and grasping new things for clearing the exam.

Never ever think that let this exam go by will crack the next one because next exam is expected only after 4 years and that itself the scenario might change altogether, the competition might be huge (more qualified people will be there to compete with you) and the syllabus may also change.

If you think that will I be able to cover the syllabus in 2 months, you will be covering the whole syllabus even after 1 year.

If you hadn’t prepared till now then there is less chance for you to prepare at the last minute.

Utilizing coming days strategically to clear LP/UP Assistant Exam 2020

Actually now you are fearing the exam whether you will be able to clear or not.

The time you need to dedicate and the cost associated with preparing for the exam etc.

First of all, you need to take the first leap forward then only you will be able to know whether you will succeed or not.

You have passed the TTC or cleared the B-Ed exam in order to become a teacher right? there is no doubt about that.
Also, think about the sacrifices made by your parents to see you as a teacher.

Why spend give a donation of about 30 lakhs to 40 lakhs to get a job as a teacher in Management Schools in Kerala when you can secure the best job in Kerala Government as a teacher just by cracking only one exam.

But you have to prepare a lot and cracking LP/UP Assistant Exam is not easy.

For many preparing for Kerala PSC Exams is a part-time affair and that is the only reason why those people are not able to get in their names in the top positions of the rank lists.

First of all, do have a change in mindset to dedicate your time and effort as well as a nominal amount of money to prepare for the exam.

Set aside more time to study and discard all those interferences that come as a hurdle in your studies.

Prepare a note of what all things you will be learning each day and prepare a strategy to cover the syllabus in full in the limited days.

Don’t rely mainly on Whatsapp, Telegram, and Youtube Classes.

You might be getting content in Whatsapp, Telegram Groups and in Youtube to prepare for the exam but don’t dedicate more time in these social networking channels rather your should drastically increase you dwelling time with lp up assistant books.

One main reason is that the content is not systematic and does not usually cover the syllabus in full. The second reason is that there are chances that you might get distracted with other notifications that come up on the mobile.

You have a dream to achieve that is to crack the LP/UP Assistant Exam 2020.

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