Victers Channel Online Classes Live

The 3rd phase of Victers Channel Online Classes has commenced.
Today’s (23/06/2020) Classes in Victers Channel is scheduled like this.

10+2 (Plus 2)
Morning 8.30 – History
Morning 9:00 – Malayalam
Morning 9.30 – Economics
Morning 10.00 – Physics
Morning 10.30 – Malayalam

10th Standard
Morning 11.00 – Social Science
Morning 11.30 – Malayalam
Morning 12.00 – Sanskrit

Class 2 – Noon – 12.30 – English
Class 3 – Noon – 1.00 – English
Class 4 – Noon – 1.30 – Malayalam
Class 5 – Noon – 2.00 – Hindi
Class 6 – Noon – 2.30 – Hindi
Class 7 – Evening – 3.00 – Maths
Class 8 – Evening – 3.30 – English
Class 8 – Evening – 4.00 – Maths
Class 9 – Evening – 4.30 – Hindi
Class 9 – Evening – 5.00 – Biology

Here is the latest video of Victers Channel Online Classes

Victers Channel Online Classes First Bell Started on June 1st 2020.

Students of class 1 to 12 of state syllabus can watch the online coaching videos using TV or Phone / Laptop with internet connection.

Watch Victers Channel Online Classes Live

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Victers Channel Online Classes Channel Numbers

Cable / DTH OperatorsChannel No
Videocon D2h642
Dish TV642
Asianet digital411
DEN Network639
Kerala vision42
City Cable116
Tata Sky1899
Sun Direct793

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown the academic year for 2020-21 has started online.

Classes has stated in Victers Channel.

The education minister Shri. C Raveendranath, has told that the issues related with not able to follow the online program will be sorted out after a week.

Before the start of the virtual academic year, education has experts had shared the concern of those who don’t have access to TV, Internet or Smartphone.

The New Normal in the History of Kerala Education.

This is the first time in the education history of Kerala, online class has started without opening the school.

The virtual class for Kerala State School Students is now a new Normal.

Online Coaching for College going students will also start soon.

The new online class is being offered targetting 4.5 million students in Kerala.

The issues that surface regarding the online coaching will be sorted out in the coming weeks, minister has stated.

The classes have on June 1’st have started with the online welcome speech by Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan.

  • First week is trial run of the Online Coaching Program.
  • Next week there will be re-telecast.
  • The teachers are supposed to assign tasks only after confirming that each and every student has access to an online class.

Support from Libraries, Akshaya Centres is also seeked to provide online classes to students.

General Education Department – Official Circulars

General Education Department has issued circulars on how to go forward with the virtual classes for Kerala State School Students.

Kerala State School Online Classes – First Day’s Coaching Videos

Plus 2 Mathematics

Find more videos in the Official Youtube Channel of Victers

Schools will be opened only after the complete relaxation of lockdown by the central government. Online Classes will be starting from June 1st Onwards.

The kerala school online class is named as “First Bell“.

Online Classes will be offered via Kite – Victers Channel from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM.

Class Schedule and Timings

Kerala State Online Class Project NameFirst Bell
Timing8.30 AM to 5.30 PM
Individual ClassDaily 30 Mins for Each Class
MediumVicters Channel (TV), Facebook and Youtube Page of Victers
Trial RunFirst Week
Class Re-TelecastRe- Telecast on the same Date for students of 10th and 12th.
Retelecast for other classes on Saturday and Sunday.

It is agreed upon by the QIP Monitoring committe that teachers should come only after the school reopens

If any student is unable to watch Kite Victers Channel Numbers online or via medium like television, they will be provided the digital content by downloading the same the showing it offline

Government has ordered to make the online class available in DTH as well and many DTH operators have taken measured to telecast Victers channel.

A Temporary Measure

The Hon. Minister for Education Shri. Ravindranath has told that this is a temporary measure to start the classes online and this setup is not a replacement for regular classroom coaching. Minister has also stated that Government has taken measures to fully offer the classes online.

Kerala State School Academic Year is Opening Online

Due to the extension of covid lock down this year the commencement of regular classes has been postponed till July 2020.

Kerala Government has confirmed that even a single student those who are not having access to TV, Smart Phone or Internet will be deprived of online class.

It is the responsibility of the class teacher to understand the situation of the student and take appropriate measures to in consultation with Headmaster.

Those who are deprived of access to electronic media for online classes will be arranged classes in nearby homes, public libraries, Akshaya Kendras etc.

Classes can be conducted using Laptop and Projector with the help of SSK Co-ordinators, SPC, NSS Voluteers and members of Little Kites.

If internet access is available in near by schools then Online Classes can be conducted there as well.

SSK will have to monitor the distribution of work sheets for classes from 1 to 7.

Doubts regarding the portions has to be cleared using social media channels.

If the lockdown is relaxed then physical meetings can be held in schools.

Guidelines for conducting school meetings will be published later by the Government.

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