7 Inspiring Tips for Kerala PSC LP UP Assistant Exam Applicants

The number of people who have applied for the LP UP Assistant 2020 Exam is less!! Here we are discussing the various facts why this is the best opportunity in 2020 to become a government school teacher. 

You have applied for LP UP Assistant Exam. Right?

It has to be noted that the number of people who have applied for the LP UP Assistant Exam has been drastically decreased compared to the previous notification.

Number Applicants for LP / UP Assistant Exam 2020

Here is the district-wise list of no of people who have already applied for LP UP Assistant Exam in the state. 

DISTRICTSUP School AssistantLP School Assistant
KOLLAM8515 2406
ALAPPUZHA3584 1446
KOTTAYAM3763 1332
IDUKKI2917 901
ERNAKULAM7262 7356
THRISSUR7616 2390
PALAKKAD9166 7743
MALAPPURAM23440 8946
KOZHIKODE10937 3562
WAYANAD3521 1237
KANNUR8303 2740
KASARGOD6878 1951

Recently PSC had also asked about the name of the district in Kerala which has got maximum no of Government Schools? The answer is Malappuram District. 

When looking at the no of applications one can find that a maximum no of people has applied in Malappuram District.

5 Expertly Selected LP/UP Assistant Books for 2020 Exam Preparation

Considering the fact that Malappuram District has a maximum no of Government Schools in Kerala, more retirements are supposed to happen in the coming years and as a result, the number of expected vacancies will also be on the higher side. 

This led more people to apply in Malappuram district which is a whooping no of 23440 for UP Assistant and 8946 for LP Assistant.

Most Recommended Books

BookAuthor / PublisherBook Type
LPST / UPST (LP/UP RANK FILE) (Malayalam)Prof.(Dr.) K.SIVARAJANLearn MoreRank File
LP/UP ASSISTANT RANK FILE( FOCUS) (Malayalam)Focus Academy (V.G Saji)Learn MoreRank File
LP/UP Assistant Rank File (Includes Previous Question Paper)Talent AcademyLearn MoreRank File
LP-UP Assistant (Malayalam) (Includes Previous Question Papers)PhD Dr.V.Balakrishnan MALearn More Rank File
LP /UP Model QUESTION BookAnand PublicationsLearn MoreModel Questions Paper Book

Moreover, the competition is also high compared to other districts in Kerala for the exam to be conducted in 2020.

The current district-wise list of LP Assistant is getting expired in the month of December 2021 (except the list of  Thrissur District) and the current UP Assistant list will be in effect till January 2022.

On the current lists get expired there will be new appoints from the upcoming list for which you are currently preparing

With the new software being introduced by the government all the schools and departments had to declare the no of vacancies in their respective offices, so there are fewer chances of the vacancies got undeclared to Kerala Public Service Commission. 

It is actually a boon to government job seekers especially those who are aspiring for LP UP Assistant jobs as there will be more vacancies to be filled in by meritorious candidates.

Will there be Preliminary Exam / Screening Test for LP/UP Assistant Exam?

As of now, Kerala PSC has not taken a decision to conduct Prelims Exam for the recruitment of LP/UP Assistants.

One of the common doubt that arised among those preparing for LP / UP Assistant Exam after Kerala PSC has declared regarding the conduct of screening test was whether LP/UP Assistant will be having a Preliminary Exams.

As notified by Kerala Public Service Commission there will no screening test for posts that requires basic qualification as a Medical / Engineering Degree and for the recruitment of Teachers, Drivers, and Technical Posts.

KTET Qualification Mandatory

About 30% fewer people have applied for the exam when compared to the previous notification and reason is KTET Qualification has been made mandatory for 2020 Exam.

If you are a person who is preparing for LP UP Assistant exams then you should, first of all, understand the basic information regarding the post and the appointment pattern.

Regular Learning is the Key.

Even though you are directly competing with candidates based on those who have applied on a district basis nevertheless you must also consider the number of state-wise applicants as well for LP Assistant the no of applicants is 35455 and the no of UP Assistant applicants is 107257.

Not just aim to get into the Kerala PSC list of LP UP Assistant, you must target the top ranks in the list to improve your chances of getting hired as a school teacher at the earliest.

Huge opportunity to become a School Teacher in 2022

20% more chance to become a Government Employee compared to other posts

Find the information below (no of appointment advice made by Kerala PSC) to ascertain your changes for cracking the LP UP Assistant Exam 2020

IDUKKI 16588
WAYANAD 262144
KANNUR 283160
Total 46812443

One this has to be noted that more people will be getting appointment advice from the list which is currently in effect. 

The list of recently conducted exams like Company Board Assistant, University Assistant and Secretariat Assistant is already published and as of now appointments from Secretariat Assistant List is being made by Kerala Public Service Commission. 

About 6 lakh candidates had appeared for the written test conducted by PSC and out of which about 300 the top rank holders will be appointed soon.

Considering other PSC Exams where the chances for getting a government job ranges from 0.5 to 1% (based on the number of people who are writing each PSC Exam), with LP UP Assistant job the chances for getting a job is a whooping range of 18% to 20%. That means almost 200 people are getting a government job compared to 1000 people who are writing the exam.

It is a long process to get appointed as a School Assistant and you are supposed to have a keen eye on the developments in terms of notification, publications of lists, and appointments.

But if you are a top rank holder in LP UP Assitant Rank list then things will get much easier because you will get appointed at the earliest that usual and fewer hurdles to overcome. 

You are supposed to put your efforts before the exam rather than getting tensed and confused after the exam.

Do I need to start learning early?

It is a common misconception that the School Assitant exam is expected on at the end of 2020 or in the earlier months of 2021. 

With the outbreak of the corona pandemic and the consequent lockdown across the country, there are chances that all PSC Exams will be postponed for another 2 months. 

As per sources, it is expected that all PSC Exams will be resumed soon and things will be back to normal in the near future itself.

Kerala PSC exams will be conducted from June 2020 onwards.

Your arduous efforts will definitely pay off if you are preparing early and last-minute preparation is recommended to score top ranks in Kerala PSC School Assistant Exam. 

HSA Notification is also expected soon.

It seems that those who are having B.Ed qualification are reluctant in continuing their preparation for LP UP Assistant Exam as they consider that this exam is primarily for those who are having TTC Qualification.

Those with B.Ed qualification has to prepare in such a way to clear both LP UP Assistant and HSA Exams, both exams are expected in another 1 year.

Competition is Getting Intense

Competition to secure an LP/UP Assistant job is getting intense. You must ascertain your competition as you prepare and your preparation should be on par to beat the competition. 

7 tips on How to prepare for LP/UP Assistant Exam?

Here are some tips on how to prepare for the most awaited LP UP Assistant Exam 2020.

Some people have indeed started the preparation for the exam and some have applied for the exam and no initiative has not been taken yet.

The tips discussed here will help those who didn’t took any action will assist them in taking the much needed steps.

Tip 1

What is the Syllabus for LP UP Assistant Exam 2020?

First off all the common question which is asked when talking about the preparation is regarding the syllabus.

As of now (the time of writing this post) Kerala PSC hasn’t published the syllabus for Kerala PSC LP UP Assistant Exam 2020.

This is not a reason to drag yourself behind in preparing for the exam.

Earlier Kerala PSC included LDC type questions for Exams like LP UP Assistants.

But with the recent question pattern change of Kerala PSC more questions will be included from topic specific for that exam as per the syllabus.

For LP UP Assistant Exam more questions can be expected from subjects like English, Pshycology, Evaluation etc rather than from general topics.

Tip 2

Is there any way to start LP UP Assistant Exam preparation without a syllabus?

As a Kerala PSC Aspirant your aim to get a government job, ie you will be preparing not only for LP UP Assistant but also for other exams like LDC (Lower Division Clerk Exam), Right?

One thing you can do is to compare the previous question papers of LDC and LP UP Assistant and ascertain which all areas you should focus more in order to crack LP/UP Assistant Exam 2020.

As mentioned earlier give more importance to learn topics from Psychology, Evaluation, and English.

For every kerala psc aspirants combine study is one of the best method, many government job holders had reaped the benefit of this technique.

If you can have the opportunity for combine study then it is well and good.

Keep in mind that you have to associate with only those who are keen in getting a government job just like you other wise the time you are spending for combine study will be useless.

Tip 3

Will malayalam questions be there in LP UP Assistant Exam ?

What is recommended is that you will have to wait for Kerala PSC to publish the syllabus till then don’t give much importance to malayalam in your studies but you can concentrate on other subjects.

Tip 4

Is LP UP Assistant exam syllabus is same as KTET Syllabus?

Not it is not the same and there will be difference in the syllabus of KTET and LP UP Assistant Exam.

Tip 5

Is there negative marks for LP UP Assistant Exam?

It is a common doubt which arise just because the KTET exam is not having minus marks.

Yes, just like any other psc exams LP UP Assistant is also have minus or negative marks.

The negative marks has to be calculated in such a way that you are loosing 1.33 marks for each wrong answer.

Tip 6

What will be expect cut-off for LP UP Assistant Exam 2020?

One thing has to be noted that the percentage of people who cleared the latest KTET exam conducted before the LP UP Assistant nofification is about 37%

That itself shows that more people are competing for LP UP Assistant Exam 2020.

Don’t compare the previous LP UP Assistant Exam cut-off with the upcoming exam because the competition is intense and one can expect a cut off above 50 marks.

Tip 7

How to get self motivation to prepare for LP/UP Assistant Exam?

I am not self motivated and need to be motivated now and then for preparation” is another dilemma the aspirants are facing.

A universal fact is that self motivation and persistance is the winning mantra for success.

Don’t expect that you will be motivated each and every time by another person just like how your parents had motivated to study during your childhood.

Infact your aim is to become a government school teacher and the person who is trying to motivate you has got a different aim.

Think about the outcome and the change in your life if you have successfully crack LP UP Assistant Exam.

Ultimately, think that your one and only dream is to become a school teacher and think about the benefits you will get.

Keep this self-affirmation in mind the knowledge you gained till date and the knowledge you are about to gain before the exam is unique and no one has the power of your knowledge and that is enough to crack LP UP Assistant Exam.

Rewrite the subconscious mind with the self-affirmation, start thinking positively, and take action today.

No Doubt, LP UP Assistant Exam Success will be yours!!!

LP UP Assistant is one of the easiest government job to achieve via Kerala PSC because there are lot for teachers in the coming years.

Start Preparing Now Itself.

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