Election 2021 – Assembly Election Updates

Wipeout LDF and UDF in Kerala: Biplab Kumar Deb

In a meeting held in Trivandrum, the Chief Minister of Tripura Biplab Kumar Deb has asked the supporters to wipe out LDF and UDF from Kerala Politics.

In the inaguration ceremony of Aruvikkara Election Committe office the minister has said this to the those assembled there.

We need development in Kerala and for that there should not be any bloodshed in the state.

BJP conqured seats in Tripura projecting the development put forward by Shri Narendra Modi.

Mulayara Ratheesh has presided over the meeting. BJP candidate of Aruvikkara Constituency C.Sivan Kutty, George Kurian (National Council Member of BJP), KA Bahuleyan, Malayinkeezhu Radhakrishnan, State Secretary of BDJS, Paruthipally Surendran, Uzhamalakkal Subash (Kamaraj Congress) has also attended the meeting and shared their views on the need for the victor of BJP candidate in the constituency.

Shobha Surendran to contest from Kazhakuttom – Election 2021

Shobha Surendran will be contesting from the Kazhakuttom constituency in Trivandrum and her campaign will be starting from the 18th of March onwards.

After a lot of speculations regarding her candidateship, it is now confirmed that the Lady Stalwart of Kerala BJP will be contesting from the ‘A Class’ constituency of Kazhakuttom.

Shobha Surendran has revealed to major news channels that she will be contesting from Kazhakuttom Constituency and central leadership has confirmed the same.

Earlier when BJP has published the list of contesting candidates across various assembly constituencies on the 14th of March 2021, they had deliberately left the constituency vacant.

When the reporters asked about why Kazhakuttom was vacant, BJP leaders had responded that there will a “Suspense” but the state leadership was unable to bring a new and eligible candidate to fight of BJP in Kazhakuttom.

It is been reported that the state leadership had stood agains the candidateship of Shobha Surendran and finalised after the interference of central leadership from Delhi.

Major news channels has reported that state leadership was relucatant in offering a constitueny for Shobha Surendran to contest till the last moment.

There were moves from the state leadership in roping in Thushar Vellapally to fight in Kazhakkuttom constituency.

State RSS leaders in Kerala have informed the centre that Shobha Surendran has got more chances for winning in the constituency.

With regard to the candidateship of Shobha Surendran, there were differences between the 2 factions in the Kerala BJP leadership.

The state BJP leaders who stood behind Shobha Surendran have told that V. Muraleedharan has also share strict messages to the state leadership which has led to the decision in favor of Shobha Surendran.

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