New BEVCO Home Delivery Booking App [2021]

liquor online delivery in kerala
bevco home delivery

Kerala government is taking steps to start online liquor delivery in Kerala. BEVCO home delivery service is about to start soon.

With the covid second wave gripping the society, Kerala Government has decided to shut down bars and beer parlors and beverage outlets in Kerala.

This has turned out to be harsh decision for those who enjoys liquor consumption on a regular basis.

Meanwhile beverages corporation in Kerala is considering to home deliver the liquor bottles for those who are in need.

According to reports Kerala State Beverages corporation will come up with a viable solution for starting the on deman delivery of liquor from beverages outlets within 10 days, the managing director of the corporation has stated this.

The main issues faced by the beverages corproation is regarding logistics and payments.

Beverages corporation is expecting a green signal from Kerala Goverment to go forward with the development and implementation of a platform to facilitate the online liquor booking in Kerala.

In the first phase the BEVCO home delivery service will be starting in Trivandrum and Ernakulam.

BEVCO Home Delivery App

Earlier, during the first Covid-19 wave Kerala Beverages Corporation had launched an app named BevQ to maintain social distancing and form a virtual queue.

The fair code technologies who had developed the app initially has got in touch with the corporation to re-launch the app.

But the Kerala State Beverages Corporation is considering the fact that home delivery is much more viable than the virtual queue which will help people to stay indoors and get their favorite foreign liquor brands delivered to their doorsteps.

Now a days the food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato and other small food delivery players are in the market and their service can be used to deliver liquor bottles also being taken into consideration.

BEVCO is also planning to deliver the alchohol bottles by their own service.

In the initial phase only premium brands will be delivered online.

There will be separate services charges for those online orders which are to be delivered to doorsteps but the service charge or the percentage of service charges is yet to be finalised.

If home delivery of liquor bottes becomes a reality then there will be new app to place the orders and get it delivered.

During the previous lockdown in the year 2020, there was a provision to order online and deliver the bottles for those who were addicted to alcohol consumption and holding a valid prescription from a registered doctor, but that move was later turned down due to public protest.

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