Operation Felon by Trivandrum City Police Concluded 13052013

Image courtsey : tvmcitypolice.gov.in/

The Trivandrum City Police commissioner has announced the results of Operation Felon, an effort to find and arrest dangerous felons from the city. The operation was started on 24th of April 2013 was an aggressive initiative that included proactive enforcement efforts to locate elusive felons, arresting persons involved in various criminal cases and goonda activities and drug dealing, enhance law enforcement presence in certain higher crime areas and one of the most comprehensive and intense efforts to check the whereabouts and activities of sexual predators and offenders across trivandrum.

The operation was successful in bringing about 640 persons from various parts of the trivandrum city before the law and helped in highlighting  the role of Police and their teams play in crime reduction.

As part of this special combing operation named ‘Operation Felon‘ a team of police personnels headed by City Police Commissioner of Trivandrum, Deputy Commissioner, Assistnat Police Commissioner, Inspectors, Sub Inspectors have conducted search operations from 24/04/2013 to 12/05/2013. During the search operations notorious goon gang leaders like Karimadam Kaattunavas, Vizhinjam resident Peelu Binu, Valiyathura resident and son of titus, Biju has been arrested and detained in police custody as goonda act.  Other criminals those who are in the kd list of Peroorkada Police Station like Kulathil Sateeshan, kattalan binu, Prabhulla chandran, Mahesh has been arrested.

Among the 640 criminal detained 49 of them were wanted by the court and 78 absconding criminals and other 513 criminals were arrested and produced before the court. Law enforcement in the city is making progress. The local police personnels are convinced that operations like this one play a major role.

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