Raid in Trivandrum – Operation Blade

The city police launched a raid to crackdown illegal moneylenders in the city and arrested the main operators like Gangsters Gundukadu Sabu and Puthanpalam Rajesh along with other 8 persons which started at about 5 am and continued till noon.

The mission was code-named by operation blade which was lead by the City Police Commissioner P Vijayan was conducted in about 40 locations in the city. For the past several months the office of the city police commissioner been receiving several complaints about the illegal money lenders and blade mafia in the city and has been monitoring several of those moneylenders whom which the complaints are mostly against

Lakhs of rupees in cash, dozens of signed blank cheques and promissory notes were recovered from the house of both Puthenpalam Rahesh and Gundukadu Sabu.

In raid conducted in the house of puthenpalam rajesh the officials have seized contract document with a major building and construction company in the with to the shifting of soil from various parts of the city and it was also suspected these gangsters were receiving commission on per load basis for the illegal mining and transportation of sand, stone pellets from in and around the city. The city police commissioner has informed that more enquiry is need regarding the matter.

During the raid many documents were also seized which are strong evidence that pay and park areas in the city are in the clutches of these gangsters which are being operated under fake or binami names.

An amount of about 16 laksh in cash , signed blank cheques, promissory notes, stamp papers, loan agreements, title deeds, RC books of vehicles, passports were caught during the raid from the houses of illegal money lenders and more people are about to be arrested in the coming days

Uthaman of Idavakkode near Mannanthala, Balakrishnan of Thozhichal near Plavila, Babukumar of Thamalam near Poojapura, Kuttan alias Chulla Kuttan of Kuriathi, Najeeb of Karimadom Colony near Fort, Sukumaran alias Kodeeswaran Sukumaran of Keezharannur near Karamana were the others arrested during Operation Blade.

At first it was operation felon, now it is operation blade it seems that the trivandrum city police commissioner is putting all his efforts to a better future of the city. As natives of Trivandrum we are taking this opportunity to salute your whole hearted efforts.

More than 100 policemen Assistant Commissioners of Police, Circle Inspectors and Sub Inspectors, along with the shadow police participated in the raid led by the Police Commissioner.

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