Malayali House in Surya TV being monitored

The kerala womens commission member KA Thulasi has informed that. The media monitoring cell of kerala vanitha commission has been closely watching the programme in Surya TV named Malayali House. The action has been taken after several complaints about the programme has been raised by people from all walks of life especially from the students. All the vanitha commission members has seen the program and reported their reviews with the commission. Last week the kerala vanitha commission has send a letter to the production team of malayali house based on the enormous number of complaints they have received and production has told that they will be making necessary changes in the content of the program if it hurts people in some way or the other.

About Malayali House






Popular stars from the Malayalam Television and Film Fraternity would be the residents of the Malayalee House like Akkshitha, Bindhu Varapuzha, Chitra Iyer, Dallu Krishna Das, Narayanan Kutty, Neena Kurup, G S Pradeep, Rahul Eshwar, Rosin Jolly, Sandeep Menon, Santhosh Pandit, Shasha, Sindhu Joy, Sneha Eshwar, Sojan Josheph, Thinkal Bhal. The resident who manages to balance life within the space provided and will win the series ‘Malayalee house’. ‘Malayalee House’ has started telecasting from 5th May 2013 onwards

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  1. Thanks to advise what action taken against this program. Please stop this program. Aug 12th 2013 telecast is one of the worst and vulgar in scenes and dialogues. Surya network is respectable and do not know why thus channel is promoting or telecasting this program. Please stop this program.

    1. Although I could not view this particular episode, I agree with the comments to some extant.I also felt that some of the episodes are either boring or failed to meet the minimum standard expected from a channel like Surya. It is surprising that the language being used by some of the participants are worse. I have no words to compare such language.

      While I appreciate the concept of this programme, I am sorry to say that this is not Malayali house I expected or rather I will not say that it ican be termed as Malayali house in spite of the fact that majority of its participants are legends in their fields. Hardly any one could come out with their identity except Sindhu to some extant in spite of significant efforts from the channel in hwatever way they could.

      I urge to all the participants to come toghether and make an impression that it is a house atleast and all the participants are members of this house and keep their egos away. I am sure, none of them will be behaving like this in their house. They should realize that they represent lakhs malayali houses all over the world.
      With best wishes,

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