Wholesale Ganja Peddler Nabbed in Trivandrum

The prime wholesale vendor of ganja in trivandrum city has been arrested by police. The arrested person named Ratheesh, who is the son of kottaram vijayan has been selling ganga in the beach areas of trivandrum and among the labourers who are from other states of india. wholesale-ganja-dealer-trivAt the time of arrest, around 8.30 pm yesterday (20/5/2013), ratheesh was keeping about 4.5 kgs of ganja in his custody. Ganja has been distributed among people in coastal areas like Vizhinjam, Kovalam, Poonthura, Beemapally and in places like medical college junction, manvila, technopark, petta where labourers from other state of kerala are dense. The mode of operation is by bringing the stock from other places to trivandrum by bus or through train and then dug it in the sandy shores of backwaters and hand it over for money to the needed in 2 wheelers before the dawn. City special brand officials has been closely watching the situation that there is immense usage of ganja among people in coastal areas and among other state labourers and the suspect has been arrested with the assistance from shadow police.

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