Another school year to begin!! Are our children safe on roads?

For the past several years the school opening and monsoon falls in tandem. It is during this time traffic is heavy in the city and lots of accidents happen during the time. It is quite inevitable and the responsibility of parents as well as the public, people’s representatives and school officials to provide a safe and secure to and fro travel for students in the city. The city police of trivandrum is taking all possible measures to offer the most secure travel for students.

The office of the city police commission is committed to reduce the number of accidents which involve school children and has taken measures to deploy adequate traffic police force and patrolling team around the school premises and given instructions on how to perform their duty during the school time by giving more preference to the school children. Instructions has also been given to KSRTC officials to make the travel of students more secure.

City police has provided a list of 44 instructions which has to be followed by school bus drivers, school administrators and officials, traffic policemen and parents to offer a safe and secure travel for students studying especially in the schools located inside trivandrum city. Please find the details in malayalam.

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