Visiting astrologer during the lockdown? Biker took into custody.

Time and the stars are definitely unfavorable for someone in Trivandrum during the lockdown

Those people who are roaming in and around the city of trivandrum without any valid reason is creating headaches for the police.

In an interesting case, while Kattakkada CI was on during the regular vehicle inspection to enquire about the reason for the travel of private vehicle owners and awareness campaign as part of the lock down one biker has told that he is going to visit an astrologer in Malayinkeezhu as his time is not fine enough.

As it is quite common that people are coming up with invalid reasons to travel, the Circle inspector has told that he will also accompany him to meet the astrologer at the time the person has told that he was just said the reason in vain.

The biker has been charged a case for traveling for invalid reasons and the bike has been taken into custody.

Later the bike has been released on bail but the bike will be returned only after 21 days after the lock down.

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