Russian Election in Trivandrum, Kerala

You might wonder what is to deal with Russian elections in trivandrum. As part of Russian elections to be conducted in Russia on the 4th of this month a polling booth has been set up in trivandrum, kerala for casting votes of those Russians who are settled in kerala. The Russian Consulate in Trivandrum is the only polling station in kerala which is being setup for Russian Elections. About 50 people has reached to cast their votes those who are permanently settled in kerala and for those Russian tourists currently visiting kerala.  There were not campaigns been conducted to lure voters in the consulate and the voting has been happened in a friendly atmosphere. Polling has been conducted in the presence of those Russian Consulate officials arrived from Chennai. One Malayalee Mr. Vinod has also voted in the election, who had migrated to Russia about 21 years ago and currently settled in Kovalam.  All the materials for conducting smooth and fair election has been arrived straight from Moscow. Russia is one of the few countries which offers the facility for the voters to cast their vote for elections being conducted inside Russia. 5 persons including Vladimir Putin is contesting in the elections and most of the voters is expecting that Mr. Putin will be winning in the elections.

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