No Lights / Electricisty in Maruthamkuzhy Bridge

No measures has been taken install lights in the newly built maruthankuzhy bridge. Recently the bridge was inaugurated in a function attended by ministers and legislative members and since then no steps has been initiated to provide lighting to the bridge. Traveling through the bridge during night has become difficult for drivers as well as for pedestrians. It was expected that electrical lights will be installed as part of bridge construction.

Officials from KSEB has informed that PWD department hasnt made the payment to bring in electricity to the bridge and there will delay in installing lights on the bridge. During night time, as the bridge allows two way traffic it is difficualt for pedestrians to walk through the bridge.

The bridge has opened a new path for vehicles coming from sasthamangalam to reach maruthamkuzhy junction and to enter the way to PTP nagar and vattiyoorkavu.  It has become difficult for heavy vehicles to enter PTP nagar road from the new bridge and during peak time it is creating traffic mess in the maruthamkuzhy junction. Now the vehicles which are coming from vattiyoorkavu has to cross the river using the old bridge.

In the newly constructed bridge it is high time to install direction pointers and make the markings on the sides of the road, it is not yet completed. The project was initiated about 30 years back and completed only a couple of weeks back. The initiative to compelted the bridge was taken by the local MLA Sri K Muraleedharan and the whole construction work costed about Rs. 9 Cr. People are expecting that MLA will also take inititative to install lights on the bridge

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