No dumping of garbage in vilappilsala even in small amounts

vilappilsala garbage plant, vilappilsala trivandrumVilappilsala Panchayath and Janakeeya samithy of vilappilsala has turned down government’s request dump small amount of trivandrum city’w organic waste to garbage treatment plant in vilppilsala. As a result of this the garbage disposal problem in trivandrum has gone worse. As a result of this govenment initiatives to solve the garbage issue in trivandrum has gone in vain. Govenemnt has requested earlier that, the people of vilappilsala and the Panchayath of Vilappilsala should give consent for the disposal of organic waste after separating unorganic or plastic wastes but the consent was not given by the concerned parties. In a recent verdict by the High Court of kerala, it was ordered that the disposal plant in vilappilsala should function with police security. The panchayath and the vilappilsala janakeeya samithy is going to supreme court to challenge the verdict of kerala high court. Vilappil sala janakeeya samithy has reiterated that they wont allow to dispose garbage even in small amounts and it was also told that the people of vilappilsala will be organising a procession in front of secretariat to proclaim their stand.

This request of govenment towards vilappilsala panchayath was put forward by the honble minister of kerala, P.K Kunjalikutty after taking the decision in an all party meeting and the janekeeya samithy has been given 5 days to respond to this issue. The representatives of villappilsala panchayath and jankeeya samithy has told that they will in no way allow the trucks carrying garbages from trivandrum city to enter the vilappilsala panchayath and the treatment centre. After closing down the garbage treatment plant in vilappilsala, most of the households in trivandrum has turned to dispose the garbage in the source itself. Once the people has started disposing garbage in source itself the amount of garbage generated by the city has decreased drastically and only a small amount of gargabe is there for the corporation to dispose in vilappilsala.

After the verdict of high court regarding the police protection for garbage disposal and garbage treatment plant, government is concerned that, if the court verdict  is being implemented then people will become violent and turn against the government. With these concerns infront of the government, the govenment has taken initiatives for talks with panchayath in an all party meeting in trivandrum. Considering the latest opinion of the people of vilappilsala it seems that the goverment is in a state of dilema.

It is high time that government / corporation find alternative solution for this garbage problem rather than dumping the garbage to a locality which adversely affects the Eco-system as well as the health of people living in the area. Even if the government finds a new place for garbae disposal there will some social uprising against it from the locality. Dumping is the easiest way to get rid of waste / garbage of a town so governments are following it. The government of kerala should turn to effective use of this garbage like producing electricity or cooking gas out of this. What do you think?

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  1. My native place is at Peyad which is very near vilappilsala. formerly the city wastes used to be dumped at Vallakkadavu, which is very near to the airport. The trouble started when jet aircraft especially that of military began to land. The dumping yard attracted birds which will cause havoc to jet aircraft. Some nutcase in the secretariat recommended why not the wastes be dumped outside the city. Vilappilsala was chosen. Indiscrimate dumping of waste in tons continued causing untold miseries to the villagers. After creatng a mountain of wastes, the corporation is thinking of treatment casing the villagers to wonder when this mountain will be crushed.Streches of land are available in the coast far away from the airport. By installing treatment plants first, educate the people about it, and commence dumping will be a suitable solution. There was a sewage farm at Kamaleswaram in the city,which was running succesfully but was abandoned since its benefits were enjoyed only by the people without any advantage to the politicians. After destroying the tranquility of a village, the corporation is suggesting to declare it as garbage zone. The very idea is outrageous. In an age of space shuttles, it is disgraceful that our politicians ignore scientific advances and look for antidiluvian modes.

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