Muttathara Sewage Treatment Plant in Trivandrum

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The modern sewage treatment plant, being constructed near the old sewage plant in 42 acres of land at Muttathara, is nearing completion, only electrical works remaining.. According to officials about Ninety 90% of the work has been completed till now. The Rs 80-crore project, funded by Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, is expected to prevent the pollution of water bodies. At the current pace of the work the project is expected to be inaugurated by  mid-July 2013. The entire construction work of the plant has been completed and the machinery has also been installed. Two things remain -electrification of the plant and the test-run of the machinery. The 1200-mm concrete pipes will be laid on a stretch of 942 mtrs. The plant has the capacity to treat 107 million litre per day. At present, the sewage water of the city which will reach the plant through the drainage system is only 45 million litre. Once the city’s sewage network is expanded, the plant is expected to function at full capacity and meet the city’s sewage disposal requirements for at least 25 years. According to Kerala Water Authority, the treated water will be on par with drinking water in terms of quality and the plant will make use of the gravity method to bring the septic waste to the sewage treatment plant instead of having it pumped.

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