It is school excursion time in kerala

The next one month will be days for students for exams and study time for students in kerala. It is also the time for school excursions. The period of school excursions usually start from the 15th of January and ends during the end of february. During this type schools from all over kerala used to conduct study tours and excursion for their students as the current education year is going to end by March. Usually excusions are being made to tourist destinations in kerala like in  beaches, dam visits, zoo & museum visits and in hill tops. All these type of destinations have got dangers added with it if precaution is not being taken teachers or concerned authories who are accompanying the childre. For children excusion days are the days of complete freedom as their parents are not with them. They used to enjoy it in maximum, some time going adventurous and inviting dangers to their life. If the teachers who are accompaning the students are taking necessary precaution any type of danger can hit and the whole excusion will be a big nightmare. Students who are visiting the beaches and zoos are getting more adventurous. The number of guards in beaches and zoos are very limited and those guards who are there in the destinations cant look after each and every student so the chances of any any unfavourable things happening to the group or an student is huge.

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