Identity Cards for Auto Drivers

In order to avoid the problems created by unauthorized auto rickshaws in trivandrum city, city police and the corporation of trivandrum is taking measures to issue Identity Cards for Auto drivers in Trivandrum. The city police is planning to make ID cads compulsory for those auto rickshaws who are operating within the city limits of Trivandrum district. Identity Cards should be fixed inside the auto rickshaws were the passengers can have a good view of it. The id cards will contain information about the owner of the auto rickshaw and the driver and the passenger will be able to know whether the auto which they are traveling is an authorized one or not. Usually there are many issues regarding misbehavior of auto drivers and irregular charging of auto rickshaw meters in the city.

With the introduction of these id cards passengers can complain about the auto rickshaw and its driver with the information they are getting from the ID Cards. Police can also take immediate as well as effective measures in curbing those autos which are charging in an irregular manner and trace out the auto driver who is misbehaving the passengers. currently about 10,000 auto rickshaws are being operated in the city and it is a fact that about half of the autos are not having permit to service within the city. ID cards will also help the police department to find those auto rickshaws which are running inside the city without permits and it will also help in reducing the number of criminal gangs who are using auto rickshaws in committing various crimes inside the city.

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