Dengue Fever in Trivandrum

For the last several years garbage and waste from trivandrum city is dumped in vilappilsala garbage treatment plant. The recent public uprising of people against the disposal of garbage in vilappilsala panchayath the trivandrum corporation has stopped sending garbage to treatment plant. This has resulted in dumping of garbage beside main and sub roads in trivandrum. Since December 20th 2011 the government and locals of trivandrum is fearing about an epidemic outbreak in trivandrum city. with the stoppage of waste disposal in vilappilsala people, especially who are living beside the aamaezhanjan thodu started dumping waste in it. The cleaning of aamaezhanjan thodu has been assured by all the authorities and politicians every now and then and nothing has happened till now and the recent dumping of more waste to aamaezhanjan thodu will create more problems for the authorities as well as people living in trivandrum.

The aamaezhanjan thodu is running though the heart of the city, a new case of dengue fever has been confirmed for an inmate in sree chithra poor home which is located near to aamaezhanjan thodu. More than 300 inmates are currently staying in sree chithra poor home. With the closing down of vilappilsala garbage plant a drastic health situation has arisen in trivandrum city. Looking at the numbers of dengue fever affected people from January 1st onwards, it is about 221 cases has been confirmed. All these cases are reported within the trivandrum city. The life of people who are living near to aamaezhanjan thodu, which is extends up-to 10 kms in the city has gone very much worse due to the large number of mosquito being generated from the place. Ward Councilor, Rajendran has told that the differences between the irrigation department and public works department of kerala has created this worst situation.

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