Abusive Questions being asked to children in the name of Survey

Childrens as being contacted by some people in the name of survey through their parents mobile phones in the name of survey. Once the person at the other end introduce themselves as survey executive and ask the parents to give the phone to their children. Once the children starts talking the person who is conducting this unauthorised phone survey will start to ask absusing questions which will be a matter of entertainment for the survey executive. It is astonishing that this is happening inside kerala and it is being driven by malayalees. The phone numbers of parents are being collected without consent from them. These type of abusive questions are being asked to children who are studying in 6th and 7th standards and questions which are asked are like whether they have been in love relationship with someone, whether kissed someone in their life. This itself reveals that the person who is calling is not having a good mental state of mind and a person who entertains himself by abusing children both mentally and physchically. Now a days stringent laws are in place which can handle these type of crimes and should be given ultimate punishment rather than charging some petty cases. It will be easily for the police department to trace this particual mentally rotten persons at the earliest as this person has called on mobiles.

When the parents are told that it is a student survey they usually give to the children hoping that it might benefit the children and their studies. The parents got shocked once they knew that these type of questions are being asked to their children which can disrupt the mental situation of the children. One parent who have heard these questions which are being asked by the person have registered a complaint with the school. School authorities have told that they will register a complaint wit,h the police once they get more complaints regarding this from the parents.

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