Wear helmet or lose you licence

Despite of repeated instructions from this office it is seen that so many persons are driving motor Cycies without using the safety head gears in many part ofthe state.

Wearing protective headgear (heltmet) has been brought under law after proven studies that it will reduce the severity of injuries during accidents. The
studies also show that two wheeler accident deaths have been drastically reduced all over the country after making Iuse of helmet mandatory.

But in Kerala the Motor cycle accidents and fatality due to these accidents are seen enormously increased and most of them were seen not being used the helmets properly while driving motor cycle. lt is to be noted that during 2012 there were 17116 motor cycle accidents in Kerala and up to this year this number raised to 10194.

In these circumstances it is decided to enforce the use of helmet more rigorously so as to make sure that all the two wheeler users will Wear the proper protective heed gears while driving such vehicles.

lt is also to be noted that the maximum speed limit for motor cycle is fixed only as 50 kmi’hr by considering the safety of Such vehicles. But most of the two Wheelers are plying far beyond the speed limit prescribed as per the law thereby violating Section 112 of Motor Vehicles Act The over speeding of motor cycles and that also without using proper helmet is highly dangerous and also doubles the chance of fatality, and hence the offenders deserve Severe punishment.

ln the above circumstances it is decided that the driving license of such persons shall be disqualified for a certain period considering the gravity of the offence committed by the drivers, as per clause 9 of Central Motor Vehicles Rule  read with clause (f) of the sub section (i) of section 19 of Motor Vehicles Act` The action as per this direction will be started with immediate effect.

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