Value Assesment of Treasures in Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple from 20th Onwards

The value assessment of the age old treasure found in Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple will start on 20 of February, 2012. Resolution for this value assessment is made on the joint meeting of the Technical Committee and other committees. Keltron will be updating the information about the treasure assessment in a special server with the technical help from ISRO. The value assessment will be taking place in a special location outside the treasure cellars in side the temple.

The value assessment is being planned to be done in such a way that it will not affect the daily poojas and rituals in the temple. Gadgets and Equipments like those which can be used to calculate the quality weights and the date in which it was made, cameras to take 3D photos and a server will be used for the valuation. All the equipments are imported ones and it can only be used to register the details of only 20 items in a day and each entry usually takes 20 minutes for updation. Due to this slow information processing the final day of completion of valuation calculated at present. The committee members has informed that the valuation of precious items is not going to happen on 20th, only the calculation of number of items will take place.

All the experts in various fields will be present during the valuation process. All the experts will undergo security check before starting the valuation and special dress will be given to them. Once the valuation reaches a particular point a report will be submitted to supreme court explaining the process and only after the B Cellar will be opened. The valuation is taking place as per directions of the supreme court.

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