Trivandrum Corporation withdrawn from sending city waste to vilappilsala

The corporation has withdrawn its decision in transporting the waste / garbage from trivandrum city to vilappilsala. The corporation of trivandrum is fearing about the state of violent attitude which can arise among the people in vilappilsala and decided that it temporarily stopping the dumping of waste in vilappilsala. Corporation has asked the help of police in bringing clay to vilappilsala for treating the existing garbage in the plant.

Currently the garbage is dumped both inside the factory and in a location outside it. The garbage which is there in the plant is those which are dumpled before 20th of december 2011, since that the people of vilappilsala has not allowed the garbage trucks from city to enter the plant. The corporation will treat all the garbage which is currently in the plant will decide on bringing in more garbage from the city. Clay is need to treat the dumped garbage in the plant. Police has informed that they will give security for those trucks which carry clay to the garbage factory. It is expected that the lorries which carries clay will be reaching the garbage plant on coming monday. A recent verdict by the High Court of Kerala has directed the corporation to dump garbage in the factory and as a result of the verdict corporation has told that it will starting sending garbage to vilappilsala from 13th onwards. The decision regarding the dumping of garbage in vilappilsala will be taken in a week.

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