Still no new coaches allocated for Trivandrum Railway Division

Assurance which was given by the officers from the railway department is not fulfilled. It was assured recently that more coaches will arrive to solve the lack of railway coaches in the trivandrum railway division. In order to continue the services railway division is doing rigorous maintenance works for the railway coaches in the division.

Yearly maintenance of the coaches can be extended for three months that is what the official are waiting for. After clearing the garbage and washing the coaches the mechanical officials from the railway will inspect the coaches and certify that it can be used for an extended period. After the inspection the coaches will be attached to trains. Inorder to temporarily get rid of the problem of the lack of number of coaches the periodic overhauling will be extended for 3 months. It can be extended only for once. In some unavoidable conditions the the coach’s usage period is extended and in trivandrum it has become a practice.

The dilema which the railway division of trivandrum faces is the lakc of sleeper and AC coaches. Earlier about weeks backs the change of type of coaches for travelers in netravathi express was a matter of issue. After this issue railway has told that more coaches will be added to trivandrum railway division at the earliest.

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