30 acres Games Village for National Games

Construction works for green village in 30 acres as part of the games will start during the end of March 2013. Minister, KB Ganesh Kumar has told that the innovative way of Pre-fabricated method of construction is about to be followed in erection of the houses in the village rather than following the traditional method of housing.

Earlier in the london olympic games these type of pre-fabricated construction method is followed and lessons has been learned from that type of construction and will be implemted in the kazhakuttom gaming village. Only 15 days is needed for construction a single house and it can be uninstalled in about 15 days and bring back to earlier stage. Minister for sports KB Ganesh Kumar and Sports secretary sivasankar were the two representative who have attended the londong olympic games from the kerala. A video on olympic villa was also screened for the media people which the minister has captured and edited.

The game village will be equipped with facilities for about 5000 officials and athletes to exercise and take rest. Foodcourts will be airconditined. The area of village which will extend upto 400 sq.ft has a construction cost of 60 cr. It is aimed to start the constrction work by end of march and will be finishing during the month of september. It is expected the national games will commence on December 2013 and the decision on the date of national games will be finalized in the meeting of the sports concil of india.

Mock up units of the pre-fabricated houses for the village is constructed in various places in trivandrum like in central stadium, in the premises of chithranjali studion, kappukadu in kallar etc. Companies like NCL Industries Limited, Acme Telepower LImited, Rinac India Limited, Sintex Industries Limited are the companies who have erected the models in the various locations. After assesssing the constrction work of the companies construction work will be awareded to the companies.

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