Flower Merchants in Trivandrum and the Floriculture Business is Facing a Huge Loss.

As the need for flowers in Temples, for stage decorations and marriage functions has declined the flower merchants and floriculture business in Trivandrum there is a huge loss in the business.

Due to lock down flower growers are suffering huge loss.

They are in a situation dispose off all the flower produce like Jasmine, Lotus, Marigold etc. which were supposed to be brought in to Kerala for sale.

Thovala, located in the South of Travancore is a major wholesale market wherein Kerala is getting the majority of flowers that are used in various temples and for various functions like marriages.

Farmers are now harvesting the flowers a disposing of in huge pits dug with the help of earthmovers.

If the flowers are not harvested it will adversely affect the plant itself.

As the no of devotees who are visiting the temples has declined due to covid-19 lockdown, the demand for flowers has also got reduced.

Temple are now using locally available flowers for various rituals in temples.

As several wedding functions in Kerala has been postponed, the need for flowers has also been declined.

Orchids and Anthuriums which are primarily used for stage decorations is cultivated on a large scale in Kerala.

As the demand for these flowers has been decreased drastically, the produce is being disposed in kerala as well.

Those involved in floriculture business is facing huge revenue loss as exports to various countries has also been stalled.

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