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Are you looking to buy liquor/alcohol in Kerala during the lockdown and want to know about the app BEVQ (Official BEVCO App Kerala), opening date of Beverages, Consumerfed outlets, and Bar Counters in Kerala and other details?

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Latest News on Kerala BEVCO App

Latest Update : 27th April 2020

Kerala State Beverages Corporation is starting the Home Delivery of liquor in Kerala. Find more about BEVCO home delivery services here.

Latest Update : 28th May 2020

Finally, the most awaited official BEVCO app (BEVQ) got published
Download it now from Google Play Store

Latest Update: 27 May 2020

As per information from the company who developed the app has stated that the BEV Q app the official BEVCO App Kerala will be available by 10 PM tonight.

Anyway till now the app is not available in Google Play Store.

The app launch is getting delayed as Google is reviewing the app to publish in the play store.

Tomorrow’s liquor booking can be done till 10 PM today.

Apart from that SMS Virtual Queue is still not active.

Faircode Technologies, the company which developed that app has said that those who have made the booking via SMS will have to book again.

Hits to the company’ Facebook page has increased asking about the status of the app and the time at which the app will be published.

In today’s press meet conducted by Hon. Excise Minister Mr. T.P Ramakrishnan, it was intimated that liquor sale will be re-started officially by tomorrow (28th of May 2020) at 9 AM.

One can book liquor only from 6 A.M to 10 PM and buy liquor bottles from the outlets between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Only 5 individuals are allowed at a time in the queue and no one will be offered liquor if they are not reaching at the allocated time and these conditions will be strictly maintained, Minister said.

To develop the app IT Mission of Kerala, C-Dit and Startup Mission has joined hands and the technical team had selected Faircode Technologies for the development.

Latest Update : 26th May 2020

The BEVCO App Kerala (BEVQ) is ready and you can start virtual queue booking to buy liquor from Wednesday (27/05/2020) onwards.

The app will be live by Wednesday and you can buy liquor from Thursday (28/05/2020) onwards from Beverage / Consumerfed Outlets, Bars and Beer, and Wine Parlours in Kerala.


Now, What do you need to do?

1) Download the app from the Google Play store.
2) Register with your mobile phone no.
3) Provide your Pincode of your location and select the Outlet.
4) Select the time you would like to buy liquor.
5) Once you select the outlet you will be provided a token or a QR Code.
6) Reach the outlet at the time allocated by the app.
7) Select a brand of your choice and pay the amount at the counter.

Latest Update 23rd May 2020

Guidelines from Kerala Government on the sale of liquor using BEV Q App

Latest Update : 21 May 2020

Still waiting for the update from Google to publish the BEVCO (BEV Q) Virtual Queue App

Latest Update : 20 May 2020

The new BEVCO App (BEV Q) added to Google Play Store and waiting for approval from Google.

Basic Details about App

State Government Government of Kerala
Department Kerala State Beverages Corporation
App Download Google Playstore, App Store (Apple)
Official Website
Name of App BEV Q (Virtual Queue App)
Purpose of App Token Booking of Queue in the nearest Beverage / Consumerfed Outlet, Beer and Wine Parlours, Bars in Kerala.
User Registration Using BEVCO App (BEV Q) & SMS
Order FrequencyOnce in 4 Days
Beverage Outlets Timing 9 AM to 5 PM
App concurrent Users35 Lakh users can request for token at a time.

Find more details about the app below.

Beverages, Consumerfed outlets, Beer and Wine Parlours, and Bars will be opening only on coming Friday (22nd May 2020)

More Bars and Beer / Wine parlors have shared their willingness to re-open and start sales in separate counters using the BEVCO App Kerala (BEV Q) Virtual Queue app.

Note: Don’t fall prey to fake apps to book liquor in Kerala. Many unauthorized apps are available in Google play store and they are asking for online payment. BEVCO App doesn’t ask to pay online. Payment has to be made in the counter itself.

Technical experts have suggested that rather than just app it would be useful if the service is also provided in a website as well.

  • The app is launched in such a way that about 3.5 Million (35 Lakh) people can place an order at a time.
  • The app is using GPS technology to help users select the nearest outlet.
  • Low Feature phone can also be used to book queue via SMS.
  • Initially, liquor brands cannot be selected online in the initial phase.
  • No online payment in the new app. Payment has to be made in the counter.
  • The app can be downloaded free from Google Play Store and AppStore (iPhone).
  • There will be a delay in the app launch if the clearance from Google takes more time than expected.

BEVCO is expecting that more people will be ordering via online as all outlets were closed for about 2 months.

Kerala State Beverages Corporation is about to introduce a new app (BEVCO App Kerala), A Virtual Queue Mobile App to order your favorite liquor brand online with an increase in liquor price of about 35%.

Latest Update :18th May 2020

Liquor will be available once the app is ready.

Hon. Chief Minister Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan has told that liquor will be readily available as and when the app is ready.

Chief Minister has not confirmed the date of opening of beverages outlets in the press meeting but sources have confirmed that government is planning to open on coming Wednesday days itself (19th of May 2020)

Key Points on Liquor Sale in Kerala

  • Liquor can be sold as take home.
  • Liquor can be sold in beverage outlets and bars across the state.
  • Liquor and food can be sold as a parcel in clubs only for members.
  • Non-members are not allowed to buy liquor from clubs.
  • Food and Toddy can be sold in toddy shops that are currently open.

Chief Minister has stated that bars can be opened for parcel services by following the guidelines as the online booking starts in beverage corporations.

Concerning clubs, one 5 persons are allowed in clubs and members can get liquor and food from there.

540 Bars and 212 Beer Wine Shops interested.

Recently Kerala Beverages Corporation has invited applications from interested parties to share their willingness in selling liquor as a parcel.

About 540 bars and 212 Beer and Wines Shops in Kerala have shared their interest to the government to selling liquor with the help of a virtual queue.

The government is expecting that more Bars and Beer / Wine parlours will be show interest by coming Wednesday.

Bevco has earlier invited applications from interested parties to sell liquor using a virtual queue app in a prescribed format. All the details have to be filled and send to the official mail id of BEVCO.

Official app BEVCO App Kerala is not yet released. Please don’t install fake mobile apps claims to be BEVCO virtual queue app. You can find the link to the official app here once it is released.

Liquor sales using BEVCO Virtual Queue app in Kerala begin on Wednesday or Thursday

Beverage Shops in Kerala will start their operations by Friday (22nd of May 2020)

Everyone will be able to place orders online in the Kerala BEVCO App (BEV Q) by the 22nd of May and buy from Beverage and other outlets from 23rd, 9. AM Onwards.

The BEVCO App for the virtual queue is soon to be launched.

The trial run of the app is going on from 19th May 2020.

The app is built by FairCode Technologies, a startup company in Cochin.

The technical experts from the company had met with the Managing Director Sparjan Kumar and the demo of the app has been presented by the team.

Excise commissioner has also been explained about the functioning of the app.

Also Read : How to use BEVCO app Kerala? Demo Video

Those who are not having the app can avail BEVCO App Virtual Queue services with the help of SMS Message as well.

Using BEVCO App to order liquor.

How to order using the BEVCO Mobile app?

  • The app can be downloaded from Google Playstore and App Store.
  • The user can select the nearest outlet.
  • Users will be allocated a time to reach the outlet along with a barcode.
  • Once the customer reaches the outlet, the barcode which was sent to the mobile has to be scanned, pay the amount and get liquor.

How to order liquor by sending SMS?

  • Send the Pincode of your location to the number specified by BEVCO.
  • The customer will receive a message with Queue Number and details of the outlet where the person must reach.
  • Liquor will be allowed only in the allotted time.

Bevco has invited applications from Bars, Beer and Wine Parlours in Kerala to submit their willingness and interest to enroll in the queue management system of KSBC with BEVCO App Kerala

Download the Application (PDF Document) Here

The furnished application has to be forwarded to the official email id of

Liquor shops and the sale of liquor will be started only after testing the reliability and competency of the app.

The government has taken the stand that, the app will be launched only after making all the needed arrangements.

Recently Kerala Government has published an order that permits to buy liquor from Bars across Kerala by amending the abkari act.

An ordinance to increase liquor price has been forwarded to the Honorable Governor of Kerala and waiting for the approval.

Number of Liquor Outlets in Kerala to re-open

  • BEVCO and Consumerfed Outlets – 301 Shops
  • 3 Star Hotels – 316 Nos
  • 4 Star Hotels – 225 Nos
  • 5 Star Hotels – 51 Nos
  • Heritage Hotels – 11 Nos
  • Beer & Wine Parlours – 359 Nos

Kerala Beverages Liquor Price List (Updated)

Find the updated price list (2020) of best-selling liquor brands in Kerala.

Price as of May 2020.

Brand (Full) New PriceOld PriceChange in Price
Old Monk Rum 850 77080
Green Label Whisky 730 66070
Magic Moments Vodka 1010 910100
Mansion House MH Brandy 910 82090
MGM Vodka 620 55070
McDowel Brandy 620 56060
Honeybee Brandy 620 56060
Celebration Rum 580 52060
Bacardi Rum 1140 1290150
Napolean Brandy 1810 1630180
Signature Whisky 1440 1270140
Old Port Rum 510 46050
Smirnoff Vodka 1300 1170130
Jawan (Litre) 580 50080

Latest Update : 17th May 2020

Is liquor sales to Privatise in Kerala?

The leader of opposition in Kerala, Sri. Ramesh Chennithala has alleged that government is going to privatise the liquor sale which is now solely under the control of

Kerala Government. This decision is taken just because of the nexus between the government and the bar owners in Kerala in the wake of the corona crisis, he criticised.

Slamming the government’s decision, the opposition leader has also criticised that the aim is to shutdown Beverages Corporation in Kerala.

Latest Update : 15th May 2020

Kerala Government to re-open Beverage and Bar out lets in Kerala.

As the expected date of full relaxation of lockdown is still uncertain and cash strapped state exchequer has been reeling for lack of revenue, Kerala Government is taking measures to resume the sale by launching a Kerala State Beverages Corporation App (BEVCO App Kerala) to take online orders.

Even though beverage outlets or rather wines shops in many states in India have opened outlets of Kerala State Beverages corporation are still excluded from re-starting its sales.

Excise Minister of Kerala T.P Ramakrishnan has told the media that Government is planning to re-open the 301 beverage corporation and consumer fed outlets in Kerala State upon certain conditions.

Once the beverage outlets and bar counters will be opened liquor will be available in a new price tag.

This news of the opening of beverage outlets and bar counters has brought in a sigh of relief for many who are currently refrained from taking a sip of the liquor of their choice for the past 45 days and for the state’s finances

For the fund starved Kerala revenue on liquor and beer is one of the biggest cash cow and in the last fiscal it recorded a total of Rs 14,504.67 crores.

Kerala State Beverages Mobile App (Bevco App Kerala) to be launched soon.

As rumoured earlier government is planning to release an app for those who want to order liquor from Beverages.

Most probably the bevco app kerala will be initially available in the Google Play store.

The app will be having a list populated with names of outlets across Kerala and details of foreign liquor brands available.

It would be userfriendly if the app can automatically list out the nearby outlets by tracking the location.

The app of Kerala State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO), the sole wholesaler of liquor and beer in the state, to pre-order foreign liquor will be available soon, the date of the launch has not been disclosed by the Minister.

Finally, Kerala State is also setting up a platform to buy liquor online, here is the list of other states in India those have already started

Tamil Nadu
West Bengal

Bevco App Kerala Features

As Kerala’s Corona cases and death rates are far below global average the government doesn’t want to make the whole system upside down by opening all the beverage outlets and bar counters in Kerala which will pave the way for the spread of the virus and decided to go for an online solution for the sale of foreign liquor.

Liquor orders can be placed in Beverages Corporation and Consumerfed outlets as well as from Bar Counters across Kerala.

Liquor will be available to order as bottles of certain quantities not in peg rates.

Order the brand of your choice from the comfort of your home.

One can place an order of up to 3 liters of liquor in a single transaction and once is 4 days.

If one person has ordered liquor using the app and collected the same he will not be able to make an order in the next 4 days.

It is still not confirmed whether buyers can make an online payment for the orders but as mentioned by the minster one can order their required quantities and collect the same from the outlets within their excise range by making the payment.

More features of the BEVCO app Kerala and the online platform will be shared after the launch.

BEVCO Kerala Opening Date

As per sources all Beverages / Consumer Fed Outlets and Bar Counters will open by the fourth week of May (20th or 21st of May 2020) after the present nationwide lock-down period.

Beverages / Consumerfed Outlets and Bar Counters to Open.

  • Beverage / Consumerfed Outlets and Bars in Kerala will be a pay and collect point.
  • No need to roam around inside a self-service outlet to select the liquor brand of your choice, with Bevco App Kerala you will be able to do it online.
  • Unlike earlier days and till the complete relaxation of lockdown in all sense, there will be no long queues in front of beverage outlets.
  • Only 5 individuals will be allowed at a time with social adequate social distancing to collect their orders and only as per the order placed online.
  • The government is also planning to decrease the working hours of beverage corporation outlets is expected to be from 11 AM to 7 PM.
  • The new changes in the regular operational changes are implemented for the lockdown period if it is a success then it will be continued.

Sale of Lowcost Android Mobile Phones May surge

The Majority of regular tipplers are still using low feature mobile phones.

The above-mentioned category of people are not having android and ios based mobile phones, either they have to take assistance from those who are already having it or buy a new mobile.

Those who are still reluctant to buy a smartphone will look forward to buy a new one and will be eager to learn how to place an order using the app.

Get Liquor with Virtual Queue / Token from Bevco App Kerala

This is the first time in kerala the government is implementing a virtual queue system for liquor sales.

A virtual queue is what the government is planning for and those who want to get liquor online has to register their names with bevco app kerala they will be able to know from where they can get the same and they will have to collect the same in a stipulated time.

One will be able to collect only within the allocated time and limited no of people will be able to collect in a particular time.

It is a long-standing wish for many of those who rely on others to buy liquor and those who don’t want to be on a queue to have an app like this.

There will be rush in the initial days of app launch as many people will be downloading and installing the app and will place order at least to check how it is working and it will be a proud moment to order the liquor online.

Started Liquor Home Delivery in Maharashtra

A new system for the home delivery of liquor has commenced in Maharashtra on Friday 15th of May 2020.

Home delivery of liquor is in effect except in all districts except Mumbai and other 3 districts which are heavily affected by corona.

In the initial days, the no of people who had opted for service is less by the number is going to increase in the coming days.

Despite repeated requests by the government authorities, social distancing was not maintained the liquor outlets across the state. In order to overcome this situation and curb the spread of virus home delivery has started. 

Home delivery is not available in districts like Nagpur and Lathoor.

Liquor Free Home Delivery

Tipplers in Maharashtra can log on to and register themselves.

Those who want liquor must register the names and apply for a permit with the excise department of Maharastra. Once the permit is issued it can be produced to request for the home delivery from the nearest outlet. 

Requests for liquor can be made via phone call or via WhatsApp and there will be no extra charges for the delivery.

Liquor ban is there in districts like Gadchiroli, Wardha, and Chandrapur.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to the Frequently asked questions on BEV Q App.

How to Download BEV Q (Official BEVCO (Kerala State Beverages Corporation) Virtual Queue App)?

You can download the BEV Q app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Do I need to make any payment to download the app?

No, you can install from play store or app store without any fees or online payment.

How many litres of liquor can I order?

You can order 3 litres in 4 days from one app installation ie one can only order 3 liters in 4 days from 1 registered mobile number.

Is there any other way to order liquor without BEV Q App?

Yes, you can send an SMS to a number specified by Kerala Beverages Corporation and get a token no for confirming a position in the virtual queue.

How to select which Beverage outlet in BEV Q App?

The Kerala BEVCO app is using GPS technology to detect the location of the mobile and will show the nearest outlets to order liquor.

Is there a website available to order liquor?

A website or online platform is currently not available. One can use the app or order liquor via SMS. Current BEVCO App Kerala (BEV Q) is available only for virtual queue booking.

What will happen if didn’t collect my order at the time specified by the app?

Your order will be canceled and the next available person will be given your time slot to buy liquor from the outlets or bars.

Do I need to make an online payment using BEVCO App Kerala for while taking online token to buy liquor?

No, you don’t need to make an online payment, the payment has to be made

Can I select my liquor brand while making the order using the app?

As per sources, the functionality to select your preferred liquor brand is not available in the initial phase.

***All the answers provided above related to the app will be confirmed and updated (if there any change) after the official release of the app.


a) Considering the present situation tippler friendly mobile phones pre-installed with a BEV Q App (BEVCO App Kerala) can be launched.

b) Just like Sabarimala, virtual queue booking internet cafes and Akshaya centers across Kerala can accept bookings of liquor from beverages using BEV Q app at nominal charges.

Bottom Line

One interesting factor is that lockdown has actually paved the way for many tipplers from getting relieved from their addiction so it is expected that there will be less sales when compared to previous months.

Kerala State Beverages Corporation Official Website

Visit the official website

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സ്വൽപം മിനുങ്ങാൻ കാത്തിരുന്നവർക്ക്‌ തിരിച്ചടി, മദ്യം വാങ്ങാനുള്ള BevQന്‌ ഗൂഗിളിന്റെ അനുമതി ലഭിച്ചിട്ടില്ല

ബാർ ഹോട്ടലുകൾ വഴി മദ്യം ഓൺലൈനിൽ പാർസലായി വിൽക്കുന്നത് സർക്കാരിന് നഷ്ടമുണ്ടാക്കില്ല; കൂടുതൽ വരുമാനം നേടി കൊടുക്കും

ബാറുകളിലൂടെ മദ്യം വിറ്റാല്‍ കോണ്‍ഗ്രസ് തടയും; സമരം തുടങ്ങുമെന്ന മുന്നറിയിപ്പുമായി കെ. മുരളീധരന്‍ എം.പി

മാഹിയിലെ മദ്യശാലകള്‍ ഈ ആഴ്ച തുറക്കും; പക്ഷേ, കേരളത്തിൽ നിന്നുള്ളവർക്ക് മദ്യമില്ല


  1. Availability of all brands in different quantities like pint, full, half bottles must be ensured. Also I am worried about the safety of liquor that has been kept in plastic bottles in around 40 degree for nearly 3 months now.

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