Auction of Art Car Maximum Nano will start today


3 months after the conclusion of this years Muziris Binnale, Boss Krishnamachari, the curator, who has painted the nano car will be auctioned on Monday, 29 July, 2013. The auction is conducted by the biggest auction house of india named Saffronart which was announced by cochin binnale foundation.

The auction is being conducted as online bidding which will continue for 24 hours. The bidding will start at in the night. The auction is named as maximum nano.  This is the first time auction of an art car is being held.

It was on 14th of February the car has been handed over to boss krishnamachari by Cine actor Mohanlal which was donated by Coffee Beans of cochin and La Gallery 360 of Trivandrum. The car has been painted by Krishnamachari withing 2 days by using the automotive paint. The car was on display for all these days in the Aspinwall house in cochin and Lulu mall in edapally, cochin.

The auction is being held as part of fund mobilization for binnale, said by Shwethal Patel and auction will be starting from Rs. 100.

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