Pathetic Condition of Boating in Veli Tourist Village

6 out of 12 boats in the Veli Tourist village is resting on the land rather than on the water. All of the 6 boats has been operating in the veli lake for the past several years. Almost all the boats in veli tourist village are old ones and periodical services were being done to keep them in service. About 4 pedal boats, 5 safari boats, 3 speed boats were allotted earlier for the veli tourist village.

One speed boat, one high speed boat and two safari boats and one cattamaran are out of service. Authorities are taking measures to do the maintenance work for the boats which are out of service with the help of skilled technical persons. Meanwhile, the boats which are currently in service are not secure for travel. Authorities must open their eyes to look at the boats which are in service to add more features to make them secure to ride.

Currently boat services are being offered in the lake where it is actually a water forest of water hyacinth. Recenlty on boat which traveled from veli to aakulam has got strangled in the water hycinth and the boat has been brought to the shore after a tedious effort. For tourists life jackets and lifebouys are provided during the ride in the lake but the pathetic condition of boats can always invite a mishap in the lake.

The interesting thing is that for performing the maintenance work for the boats, spare parts has to be imported from Japan. The authorities are well aware that the maintenance work will be delayed because of this reason and they are also expecting a new addition to the number of boats in the tourist village. Earlier two pedal boats were brought to the tourist village but due to the manufacturing defect they were returned by the officials. The manufactuing defect was discovered by the engineers from the harbour engineering department. It is high time that the officials to have a look at the status of boats and the way it is being operated in the village to avoid a major mishap in the water.

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