Idukki Gold Malayalam Movie Review – Ashiq Abu (Director)


Idukki gold is a movie created with the rich greenery, pristine valleys and mountains and drag people to the golden years of eighties.

The movie tells the story of 5 friends who reunite and go to idukki to relish their childhood memories after a gap of 35 years. This journey and their stay in Idukki is flavoured with drama and suspense moments to make this ashiq abu movie

The actors who lined up infront of camera and new generation who worked behind the camera has made this movie a golden one. In the caption of the movie it is told that the movie is telling the story of gold generation a generation that lies between old and new generations and one can feel that in the movie. All the characters has made fabulous performance by delivering their best.

The role of baby antony who is well know for his action films and raveeendran an erstwhile actor who is not active in the movie industry right now has been given a unique yet differnet role in the movie. People who watch the movie will definitely like the character of babu antony.

In the movie there is no full length flash back scenes, the director might have thought that it will bore those who are watching it.

The director has made the effort to divide the movie into five parts with various titles for each part. The story of the movie is filled with drama as well as reality and it has been delivered by Shyam Pushkaran and Dileep Nair. At the beginging of the movie there is a disclaimer that the story of the movie is just a story and there is not relationship with real life. Shaiju Khalid has made his mark behind the camera and the background music has to be little bit more interesting.

Unlike other movies which tells the story of friendships this movie has given much importance to comerdy and very serious emotions the story is filled with smoking, drinks and ganga.

The most impressive thing about the movie is that it has been shot at a place where the nature is very much pristine and that makes no tiring moments for the viewer.

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