Electricity Production in Chalai Using Garbage

A new waste disposal plant which is supposed to turn the garbage to electricity will be functional soon in chalai. The plant will be install in as a public-private entity. It will be installed on the premises of TRIDA inside chalai bazar, trivandrum. This type of waste disposal is less harmful the environment and pollution free. Besides this mobile instinators will also bought for waste disposal. Mobile instinators are those machines which reaches the source of disposal and  burn those at there itself

Recently supreme court has ordered to open vilappilsala plant but government has decided not to forcefully open the plant for garbage disposal. Moreover government will not take a negative decision against the vilappilsala public agitation as the neyyatinkara bye election is on the door steps. So no garbage will be dumped in vilappilsala.

In this situation government has decided to implement the project of covering garbage to electricity which is successful in many countries abroad. The electricity which is produced by the plant will be bought by the electricity board. About 50 cents of land is needed for installing the plant and government is supposed to provide about 35 tons of garbage each day. The private partner for this plant has been selected based on the tenders submitted by various companies and the company named Loro based in Bangalore has been awarded the contract. About 20 crores of rupees is needed to install the plant and about 300 kilowatts of electricity can be generated from a ton of garbage.

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