Casanovva Mohanlal’s Malayalam Movie Released in Trivandrum

mohanlal's casanovva maalayalam movieThe much awaited Mohanlal’s movie, CASANOVVA has bee released in Trivandrum. It is released in Sreekumar Theater yesterday. People especially Mohanlal fans who have been waiting for this film has celebrated the occasion in front of Sreekumar Theater. Casanovva is the only film in malayalam film industry whose production costs has reached record heights. With this large amount being spend for this movie, the movies has been a subject of talk in malayalam movies industry as well as in the media.  The movie has been released in about 1000 theaters comprising of theaters both inside and outside kerala. As per initial reports the movie will be breaking initial collection records. Casanovva has got an initial collection of about 2.16 crs in the first day itself.


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