Price of PVC Pipes on the rise

The pipe compost project which is being installed by corporation on each households for garbage disposal is facing the problem with price of pipes getting increased. Agencies which have earlier agreed on provided pipes for the project have increased their price. As per reports there will be increase in price of pipes as the demand is increasing. About 30000 people have contacted corporation for this pipe compost project and only 3000 pipe compost units are installed by the corporation. Each person will have to spend an amount of RS.220 for installing pipe compost in their home after deducting about 75% as subsidy from the actual amount. The agencies who are selling these pipes have increased the price of pipes up to 20 rs, this has to be spend by the consumer. The corporation is facing a dilemma as they have agreed earlier that they will be installing this pipe compost system in about 220 Rs and is unable to increase the price.

For the past one week summer rain in kerala has been heavy and people inside the city has been facing problems with garbage especially with those garbage which are dumped beside the roads.

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  1. i’m impressed with the pipe method of organic waste disposal in trivandrum…..i;m from hyderabad…if i want to install in my house…in hyderabad …whome to contact….can i have numbers of agencies who can do it in my house.

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