Drunken Driving- Lose your driving license in Kerala

drunkent driving kerala license terminationIf you are seized by police while driving after having alchohol the with the law in place your license will be terminated and if you get into an accident while drunken driving then you will be charged with non bailable offense. So make sure that if don’t drink and drive.  More than this new awareness programs will be initiated by the kerala police department to make two wheeler drivers wear helmet while driving. DGP of kerala has ordered to create plans for securing pedestrians and two-wheeler riders in public roads.

These measures has been taken by the police department after the revelation of a fact that the number of people who are losing their lives due to road accidents in kerala has increased 8 times when compared to the international standards. Now a days a bailable type of case will be charged against those who making any type of accidents in the roads whether the drivers are drunken or not. This will change with the recent measures undertaken by the government.

Alchometer will be supplied to all the station in kerala which will help the policemen to determine whether a person is drunken while driving. DGP has suggested to government for seizing these drunken drivers and make immediate arrangements to terminate their license at the earliest. For this suggestion by the DGP to be enacted there should be amendments in the existing law.



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