Bundy Chor in Trivandrum

The hi-tech thief who daunted the people of trivandrum has  brought to the capital city. Security was tightened in the trivandrum airport as part of the arrival this hi-tech thief who landed here in the Mumbai – trivandrum flight at 8.30. There was a huge mob comprising of both media personels and local people were present at the domestic terminal. Police have put their full effort to onboard bunty chor to the police vehicle.

Buntie chor was accompanied by a 4 member group of police officials, the team lead by R Prathapan Nair the circle inspector of police, Peroorkada in the Air India Flight. Before the arrival of police officials and thief, the security in front of the domestic terminal has been tightened as per instructions from Assistant Commissioners of Trivandrum like KE Byju, KS vimal and D Vijayan. CISF personels from the airport has also done their best to make the situation calm. Local and people and media people were rushing to get a glimpse of bunty chor when he was brought out of the terminal. Earlier it was decided that he has to be brought to the police station for questioning but later on that decision was changed and transported to AR Camp in Nandavanam.

Bunty chor was seized by Pune police on last sunday morning and given under the custody of Kerala Police. Police officials from samardh police station has arrested bundy chor from Sai Executive Hotel in Mangalvarpett, Pune. Later the group of police officials headed by CI Prathapan has taken the thief in their custody.

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