Railway Ticket Price Hiked on Pongala Day : Protests On

A march has been organised against the action of railways who has increased rate of railway tickets during attukal pongala. Lots of people will be coming to trivandrum on the day of attukal pongala from various parts of kerala and from neighbouring states of keala. Earlier railway has said that the charges for railway tickets on that day will be slightly higer that the usual rate. The Mahila Morcha of BJP has organized a march to railway station in trivandrum to protest against this hike in charges. The march has been inagurated by Trivandrum District BJP President Karamana Jayan. Karamana Jayan has told that railway has show discrimination against womens and the religion in the state. Janaka Kumari, the district president of Mahila Morcha has also attended the function.

Hindi Aikya Vedhi has also informed that the resolution of railways to charge the rate of express tickets for special trains which are supposed to be run on the pongala day is unfavorable. The protest march to railways by Hindu Aikya Vedhi has been inagurated by State Secretary Bhargavaram.

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