Mangalapuram Shopping Mall – Becoming a Reality

The dream project of building a shopping mall in Mangalapuram is becoming a reality.

In a recently held committee meeting, the secretary has been assigned the job of demolishing an existing building in Mangalapuram junction and take measures in building a new one.

The existing shopping center which was built around 40 years back is not in a position to bring back enough revenue.

5 lakhs rupees per month is the revenue being expected by the Grama Panchayath if a new shopping mall is built in the same place.

The unique feature of Mangalapuram is that the place has got 50 cents of land close to the National Highway.

Moreover, the place is close to Trivandrum City and other features like Technopark is within 5 KMs reach, Technocity, Bio-Science Park,
A location where the metro rail project starts and is also the place where the outer corridor from Vizhinjam Port ends.

Mangalapuram is all set to become one of the most attention-grabbing locations in Trivandrum and the proposed shopping mall will be an added advantage.

During the 2018-19 yearly project activities, a building plan was approved by the then committee by spending an amount of 3 lakhs.

Now the Mangalapuram Market is there behind the existing building and even if the Highway Authority will take over the place, there will be 40 cents left for the construction of the shopping mall.

On the premises of the shopping mall, there will be a modern fish market by Matsyafed and ample parking space will also be there.

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