Laproscopic Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Trivandrum

weight loss surgery in trivandrumThere are many people in trivandrum who are living with the problem of obesity. The reason of obesity is mainly bad lifestly and lack of exercise. It is a fact that once a person has gone obese it is hard to make him reduce his weight by just exercise. As more and more people are facing the problem of obesity many pharma companies have come with instant solutions like taking pills and applying oils. These companies know that the market is huge and their products have been purchased by people and sold like hot breads. But the fact is that people who are weighing above 100 kgs it is quite difficult to reduce the weight just by exercise or taking slimming pills.

In developed countries people have been facing this problem for many years and the modern medicine has found out solutions for this. The solutions for this menace is a simple laproscopic surgery. It is a good news for people in trivandrum that the same surgery named Laproscopic Bariatric Surgery (weight loss surgery) is being practiced in our city also. Dr Koshy George, Meditrina Hospital Trivandrum is one of that person who have been sucessfully practicing this surgery for the past 3 years. Irrespective of male or female, children or adult, every one is facing this problem. For children the surgery is not higly recommened by for grown up adults this surgery has emerged as the one and only solution.

Obese people often tend to loosing their sef confidence and that will affect their family life as well as their social life. Now a days girls are looking for boys who are having six packs and boys are looking are girls who are lean yet good looking. Many girls and body who are in their prime time of their marriage is unable to find their match just because they are over weight.

We are writing this article to inform there is a solution to this problem just by spending 2 or 3 days in hospital and undergoing a laproscopic surgery which is hastle free. Several talk shows on televisions and articles in various newspapers and magazines have discussed about this new solution and recommemeded to those who are facing problems with obesity. As you know obesity will affect you heart and chances for heart attack is double. More over persons who are obese tend to become diabetic at a younger age. The fact is that people who are obese are usually diabetic and face the problems of sleep apnea, Fatty liver, hypertension and depression etc

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