HID Headlamps in Trivandrum : Police Alert

Recently cars and other passenger vehicles are fitted with HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps which is the cause for some accidents in trivandrum. The rural Police in trivandrum district has become alert and started taking measures who are fitting these extra accessory in their vehicles. Rural SP has informed that stringent measures will be taken against those who are using these type of headlamps in their vehicles. These type of lamps are common and come as a basic fitting in luxury vehicles but people are fitting these HID lamp which emit silver tinted lights instead of regular headlamps. The police department feel that a major number of accidents which are occurring the rural areas is because of the light emission from these type of headlights which can create partial blindness for some seconds. Police has banned using these type of HID lights in vehicles.

In a report which was released recently it was revealed that about 4100 people have died in various road accidents in the state. Police is taking action to reduce the number of accidents in the state by stringent measures against the violators.

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