Get Driving License without Road Test in India.

If you are gaining your driving skills and learning how to drive from an accredited driving school then you can get a driving license without road test in India.

A new proposal has been put forward by the government to issue driving license without road test.

How can it be possible to Get a Driving License without Road Test in India?

As per the order issued by the Surface Transport Ministry (Ministry of Road and Highways), it has been stated that those who learning driving from an accredited driving school then you don’t need to attend a road test to exhibit your driving skills.

Where can you find the the accredited driving schools?
It is a fact that only a few accredited driving centers are currently active in the country.

As per the present situation there is only one model driving institute are available per state in the country.

Kerala’s only model driving school is located in Edappal, Malappuram District.

Central government has decided to wave green flag to start new centers across the country.

Accreditation will be provided only for 5 years.

There are some mandatory requirements for starting a model accredited driving center.

  • The center should be having atleast 3 acres of land.
  • A workshop to teach the aspirants about various vehicle parts.
  • Driving Simulator
  • Test Track

Those are taking admissions for learning how to drive must undergo traning on all the above said facilities.

But it is unclear the whether these driving test centers will be in public sector or as public section partnership.

Training in accredited centers will in such a way that those who are passing out will be able to face the real world challenges in Indian Roads.

One must undergo 29 Hours of Training for driving small vehicles and out of which 21 hours will be practical training.

With the use of similators the drivers can experience Night Driving, Driving During Rains, Fog Driving and gain those essential skills.

In case of Medium and Heavy Vehicles a person must undergo 38 Hours of driving practice out of which 16 Hours will be dedicated for theory session and 21 hours for practical.

Central government has ascertained that, the increase in the number of road accidents is just because the drivers in India are not sufficiently and scientifically trained to drive in Indian Roads and Terrains. This is the main reason why central government has decided to start new accredited model driving centers.

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