CCTV in Trivandrum: 15 Simple Tips to Find the Best CCTV for Your Home, Shop & Office!

installation and service of cctv in trivandrum

Even once you have a clear idea about CCTV, finding the best CCTV you are always looking for is easier said than done. But if you’re ready to get started, here are 15 tips to help you find and install the perfect CCTV in Trivandrum.

Today we will help you in finding answers to the common questions asked by those who are planning to install a CCTV and solutions to Frequently Asked Questions asked by those who have already installed.

As CCTV’s in Trivandrum continues to transform the Surveillance Industry, questions about this useful and most wanted technology keep pouring in.

We turned to analyze the CCTV Trivandrum Industry Installation Services to find answers to the most common questions about CCTV Camera in Trivandrum.

More importantly, we tapped into the expertise of various CCTV Installation Experts in Trivandrum to find more information on

Labour Charges, Full installation Cost and much more

If you are planning to install CCTV in Trivandrum for your home or office or shop then this is the right place to find genuine answers to all burning questions listed below,

Let’s dive in for more…

Brand Wise, Which is the best CCTV in Trivandrum?

First of all we will discuss about the most preferred and recommended CCTV brand in Trivandrum.

There are lots of CCTV Brands available in the market but the most used and recommended ones are CP Plus and Hikvision.

Find the price and warranty comparison of Top CCTV Brands in Trivandrum

HikVisionHikvision 4 Bullet Outdoor Cameras &
4 Channel DVR HDMI/VGA &
Seagate 1 TB Hardisk
2 YearCheck Price
CP PLUSCp Plus 4 Channel DVR+2Qty 1MP Dome+2Qty
1MP Bullet Camera+1TB Seagate Hardisk+
Power Supply+BNC DC Connectors &
3+1 Cable
2 YearCheck Price
DAHUADAHUA Full HD 2MP Cameras Combo KIT
4CH HD DVR+ 2 Bullet Cameras +
2 Dome Cameras+1TB Hard DISC+
Wire ROLL +Supply &
2 YearCheck Price

Undoubtedly the brands mentioned above are the best in the market but there are many other CCTV Brands which you can also choose from local market in Trivandrum

  • SONY
  • Samsung

When considering the CCTV installation in Trivandrum installation, the no of Hikvision and CP Plus CCTV Cameras has outnumbered any other brands in Trivandrum.

Apart from that, Hikvision is a Globally accepted brand in the field of CCTV and Security Cameras.

While unboxing an 8 channel DVR one can usually find a charger, a DVR (DVR includes ports to connect HDMI or DVR Input Cables, an RJ45 to link internet connectivity and USB port.

Hikvision will help in monitoring your premises from anywhere in the world if you are installing their app on the mobile.

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How many cameras should i install in my Home or office?

CCTV for Home in Trivandrum

If you looking for CCTV for home in Trivandrum then you should atleast fix 4 cameras.

2 Cameras facing the main entrance, 1 on the left side and the other on the right.

It will help to identify the person’s face who is crossing through either side of your house.

Out of 2 cameras in the front one can be made to cover the lobby and other on the roof of your house to cover the whole entrance area.

Latest CCTV Cameras
Dome Cameras More Info Check Price
Bullet Cameras More Info Check Price
Spy Cameras More Info Check Price
Home Security Systems More Info Check Price

CCTV’s are available in 1 MP, 2 MP and 5 MP cameras are available, normally 2 MP CCTV cameras are fixed in homes which offer good quality

If you are fixing many cameras like 8 or more cameras then your can better opt for 1 MP cameras.

4 Channel DVR’s is recommended for small homes and in homes with more area you can opt for 8 channel DVR’s which means you can connect upto 8 cameras.

Even if you are using only 5 cameras then, 8 channel DVR’s has to be used.

It is recommended to buy 8 Channel System from a CCTV dealer in Trivandrum because it will help in fixing up to 8 cameras even though you need to fix only 5 cameras during the initial setup.

CCTV for Office in Trivandrum

Basically you need to fix atleast 2 cameras, 1 covering the main entrance and the other facing the counter.

The 2 cameras which are mentioned are the basic locations and you can fix more cameras in multiple locations as per your need.

5 MP cameras offer much more video quality and it is usually fixed in banks and financial institutions where much more clear visuals are in need.

4 channel and 8 Channel DVR are used commonly

Why it is recommended to buy from CCTV Trivandrum Local Market?

We would recommend buying a CCTV in Trivandrum from the local market just because of any technical problems you can directly contact that the vendor or the dealer.

If you are buying CCTV online and incase of any issues, you will have to courier back the whole system and will for some more days to get it replaced.

Moreover if the shopkeeper raises any dispute and unwilling to replace the equipment then more will be needed to spend for the same as well.

If you are installing a CCTV in Trivandrum from people like IGTEC Solutions they could replace the camera at the earliest and if it has to be sent for repair then a spare camera can be fixed so you don’t have to wait for a long time the issue will be solved immediately.

Another important factor why you should buy from a Local CCTV Dealer based in the city is that you won’t have to worry about the Installation.

Apart from that your will get prompt service at a lower price.

What is the cost of CCTV Camera in Trivandrum? Including Installation

Actually the lowest possible cost of a Hikvision CCTV Camera Installation in Trivandrum is around 11,500.

CCTV Camera BrandNo of CamerasCamera ResolutionCost (Including Installation Charges)
Hikvision41 Mega PixelsINR 11,500
Hikvision42 Mega PixelsINR 13,500
Hikvision81 Mega PixelsINR 15,500
Hikvision82 Mega PixelsINR 19,500

We would recommend that if you can designate a certain amount to spend for CCTV installation in Trivandrum then you must go for 2 MP cameras from Hikvision because the higher megapixel camera will cover more area, breadthwise.

As mentioned earlier CCTV camera units with 4 to 16 cameras are readily available in Trivandrum.

A basic CCTV in Trivandrum the setup includes equipments like 4 cameras and a DVR set.

There are demos available in various CCTV dealers in trivandrum but you must confirm that the face of the people and vehicle number is clear in the video before ordering a CCTV Camera System for your home or office.

You are fixing a CCTV Camera in your home or office in Trivandrum to know who is visiting your shop / or place and to know about the vehicles which are passing in front of your shop or house or those entering your premises.

In CCTV Visuals, if the face of the people and vehicle number is blurry then what is the point in fixing a camera.

Now a days most of the CCTV in Trivandrum offers quality videos.

There were incidents in which the burglars face was unrecognizable and blurry and the shop owner or the police department was unable to identify the person.

Never Install Low Cost CCTV

Just like every other electronic equipment segment there are cheaper CCTV’s available.

What are the things needed for CCTV Installation in Trivandrum?

Inorder to install a CCTV in Trivandrum the below listed things are basically needed,

  1. DVR
  2. Connectors
  3. Hard Disk
  4. Power Supply
  5. Wires
  6. Mouse
  7. LED Monitor
  8. HDMI Cable
  9. CCTV Cameras

Do I need only one Camera to cover important areas?

Do keep in mind that when you are fixing a camera facing the front of your house also in prominent locations try to keep a spy camera as well.

Usually those who enters your premises destroy the prominent camera which is visible but will be unaware of the hidden camera which help in identifying the thieves / tresspassers. 

How to select the best CCTV Service Provider in Trivandrum?

These tips will help you select the best CCTV Provider in Trivandrum.

  • Do buy CCTV only from authorized dealers who have already installed CCTV in multiple locations in Trivandrum or else you can always order online.
  • Never buy from a direct marketing campaign because those people will not be available for after-sales support and service.
  • CCTV camera systems usually tend to have periodic service so never go for low-grade Chinese products that are sold by many dealers in Trivandrum.
  • These are actually sold by season shops (those sprouts up during a festive time) or buy from sales stalls in exhibitions because they will not provide after-sales service and does not offer any warranty moreover the parts of these CCTVs will not be available as well.
  • Only allow authorized persons and because there is chances that CCTV technicians might copy your visuals.

How much power will the CCTV System Consume?

Many are concerned that will my electricity bill will get substantially increase if a CCTV is installed in my home or office.

You must understand the power consumption of your CCTV System.

CCTV (Cameras, Receiver and LED Monitors) is functioning 24 hours a day and 365 days an year so you should be aware of the power consumption of these operations.

There are CCTV systems which uses 0.5 to 4 Units (depends upon the no of cameras you are installing).

You can look for power saving systems which will be beneficial in the long run.

Do I need a batter backup for CCTV System?

Power Backup for CCTV is a Must!!!

If you are installing in a place wherein there is no inverter or solar power backup it will harm the whole system.

Moreover the visuals will not be recorded at the time of power outage.

If someone enters your home by disconnecting the electricity in home, if power backup is not there then those visuals will not get recorded.

Now we have CCTV in Trivandrum which can operate using solar power, it will help in saving the electricity bill. These types of CCTV cameras can be found in various traffic lights across Trivandrum City.

Does my CCTV camera in Trivandrum have got night vision and how to enable that?

Now a days night vision cameras are available and you don’t need to worry about that and do check whether the night vision feature is available before buying.

Most of the cameras usually change to IR Mode / Night Vision Mode during night.

If the CCTV Camera is not equipped with night vision, the face of the people will be blurry and face of individuals entering your premises will not be clear as it darkens.

Placing a 50-watt sensor will solve the problem and will help in getting visuals in color.

Should i keep my CCTV always in record mode?

If you are keeping the CCTV camera in record mode then the hard disk connected with the CCTV will be full in a matter of days.

It is better to install a motion sensor camera, so that when a motion is detected, the camera will start recording and the same hard disk can be used for several months.

Do clean the dust and other particles which can get into the camera lens otherwise motion sensor will function automatically and video quality will be less.

Can an Electricians fix CCTV Cameras?

Now a days CCTV Cameras setup comes with full configuration and includes installation guides

After going through the supporting documents and those having basic knowledge about electronics can easily install the system.

But it has to keep in mind that Electricians are not CCTV Technicians and CCTV Technicians in Triandrum are trained for their job.

Let professionals handle the Installation of CCTV in Trivandrum. 

Which is the best Exterior CCTV Camera?

Another important thing to make sure is that CCTV cameras which are fixed in exteriors are water proof as well are weather proof.

The most common exterior cameras are Bullet Cameras which are available in various specifications as per the needs.

What is the Guarantee of a New CCTV Installation in Trivandrum?

As mentioned earlier CCTV’s of reputed companies like Hikvision usually comes with 1 to 2 year warranty.

If you are going for low-cost CCTV Camera in Trivandrum then there won’t be any warranty for the cameras as well as the DVR.

Which are the common types of CCTV Camera in Trivandrum?

CCTV Cameras are available in different categories, rather we would say that there are 10 to 15 types of them.

You can choose based on your requirements

  1. Doom Camera
  2. Bullet Camera
  3. Array Camera
  4. Wifi Camera

Doom Camera

This type of camera is suitable to fix indoors, because it can be fixed on the roof.

Bullet Camera

Bullet Camera is weather proof and it can be fixed outdoor.

Whichever camera is selected by you try to choose a higher picture quality camera ie, there is huge difference in the picture quality of 1 MP Hikvision and 2 MP Camera.

Some companies say that they sell 5 MP cameras but when compared between the picture quality it will be same as 1 MP Hikvision Camera.

Array Camera

Array cameras are specifically designed to monitor and capture Face and Vehicle Numbers.

Array cameras usually capture visuals which are beyond 20ft that means this camera is not meant to capture objects which are close.

Wifi Camera.

Out of the 4 cameras this one is the portable one.

You can fix any where and plugin to your wifi to starting capturing the visuals.

How to watch visuals of my CCTV in Trivandrum Live?

First of all if you are buying your CCTV system from an local shop in Trivandrum then you must confirm that the CCTV system provides the facility to connect with wifi

Step 1

Connect your DVR with Wifi.

Step 2

Download the Mobile App of the DVR Company from PlayStore.

Step 3

Create your Account.

Step 4

Start watching CCTV Visuals live on your mobile from any part of the world.

Final thoughts

Here are the key takeaways.

  • Never settle for Low-Cost CCTV in Trivandrum
  • Buy CCTV only from the Local Market.
  • Don’t buy CCTV from seasonal shops or from direct marketing companies.
  • Choose CCTV System of recommended brands.
  • Other than Wifi Camera, it is better to buy CCTV’s from Local Dealers than ordering Online.
  • Only assign professional Technicians for Installation of CCTV Cameras in Trivandrum.
  • Leverage Motion Sensors to reduce hard disk space usage.
  • Choose the best CCTV Installation Service Provider by checking their previous work.
  • Backup the power of the CCTV system with a UPS or Inverter.
  • Don’t buy 4 channel DVR if you are fixing a
  • 2 MP Cameras can provide more clear vision than 1 MP.
  • Compare the visuals of high-resolution cameras of local and unbranded companies with recommended brands before buying.
  • Install only 5 MP Cameras in Banks and Financial Institutions.
  • Don’t install dome and bullet cameras in exteriors if you are in need of capturing vehicle numbers and need to recognize the face of moving individuals.

We have tried to answer some of the most common questions asked by people who are looking for CCTV in Trivandrum and if you think that we omitted some information to include here doo share it as a comment below.

We hope you found our tips to find the Best CCTV in Trivandrum useful and interesting.

Now we like to hear what you have to say:

  • Which tip in this post did you found useful?
  • Are you planning to install a new CCTV in Trivandrum?
  • Want to know the best CCTV System for your Home / Shop or Office?
  • Do you need help in finding the best Services for CCTV Installation in Trivandrum?

Do let us know how we can help you by leaving a comment below.

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