Bats Survey conducted in Trivandrum Zoo

Survey on the population of bats and its varieties is being conducted in Trivandrum Zoo. The premises of trivandrum zoo is the home for various kinds of bats in the district. Since the trivandrum zoo is there in trivandrum bats have made the tree inside it their home. People in trivandrum knows that the home for bats is inside the trivandrum zoo but no one is really caring about their habitat inside the city. Recently a group of writers who are nature enthusiasts & lovers of bats has initiated the process of bat survey inside the zoo premises. The survey conducted on bats has revealed that the 19 trees inside the zoo is a habitat of almost 1250 bats in the city.

Writers and nature lovers forum president C. Rahim has told that The survey has been conducted to create awareness among the people in trivandrum about bats and its habitat. The Honorable Minister P.K Jayalekshmi who inaugurated the survey has told that the habitat of bats inside the zoo will be protected which will be helpful for both bird waters and researchers who want to know more about bats and its life. In india there are about 112 type of bats and the prominent type of bats which are found inside zoo is Fruit Bats. Some more types of birds has been found as part of the survey.

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