Will Thampanoor Bus Terminal liberate from years old curse?

Thanks to the order issued by Pinarayi Government to shift Government offices to the building.

The government of Kerala has issued an order to shift the office of 10 government departments in the vaccant space in the bus terminal.

The office spaces in bus terminal building were expected to rent out immediately after the construction was over.

Names of some major private players in the field of textiles and clothing were being discussed as they would rent out the whole building.

Defying all the anticipations by the public and government the space was left unoccupied for years.

The construction and commissioning of this massive project was a golden feather in the cap of achievements of previous congress government led by Shri Oommen Chandy.

The construction of the project was in full swing during the last leg of the previous government to get it inaugurated and it turned out to be successful.

When the government has changed, the concerned officials were least interested in the project and the office spaces which spread over 10 floors got abandoned.

In fact, the building except the ground floor has become a safe place for anti-socialists.

As the bus terminal was fully operational and much facilitated than the previous one, the public was least concerned about the situation of the whole building and there were no issues or discussions regarding the same as the place is satisfying the needs of the common man along with a fully functional enquiry counter (04712323886) which provides details about all the KSRTC bus routes starting from the terminal and their timings.

In a future oriented order issued by the Pinarayi Government, 10 offices which are now occupying private spaces in various locations in the city will be shifted to thampanoor bus terminal building.

It is actually a boon for both the government departments as well as for KSFDC.

The spaces will be rented at a low rate of just Rs. 30 per sq.ft.

This move will also encourage other offices and shops to be opened in the vacant spaces.

Moreover, the biggest beneficiary is the public as people who are coming to these offices can get down at the bus terminal and get in.

Now the biggest issue is that the building is not equipped with lifts and escalators as it will be difficult for the common to walk through all the stairs to reach offices.

Hope the building will be installed with those as the offices get shifted to the building.

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