Where and Which Movie to watch in IFFk 2013?

iffk2013IFFK 2013 – It’s Sagacious

Another 2 days to go, on the 6th of December IFFK will showcase International as well as Regional Films to quench an year long thirst of profound movie lovers. The online issue of delegate pass has been closed by the organizing team and it is all set for the festival to begin.

For the next 1 week the ardent movie lovers will rein the theaters in trivandrum and will be one week off for laymen. There will be open debates after the movie screening and like always the print, visual and online media will be passionately watching the events associated with the festival. TrivandrumNews.com will be covering the entire event and will bring you the in and out of the festival.

Competition Films

101 Questions/101 Chodyangal, Arabani, Battle of Tabato, Capturing Dad/Chihi o tori ni, Club Sandwich, Constructors/Stroiteli, Errata, Inercia, Jonathas’ Forest, Master of the Play,The /Kaliyachan, Meghe Dhaka Tara, Parviz, So be it/Astu, Story Teller/ Meddah. Find More details

Malayalam Films

5 Sundarikal, Annayum Rasoolum, Celluloid, CR NO: 89, English, Kanyaka Talkies/ Virgin Talkies, Venal Odungathe/ The Endless Summer Find more details


The festival organizing team has published the schedule for the Festival and you can have look at it to plan yourself.  IFFK 2013 Schedule

Theater List

The movies will be screened in theaters like Kairali, Sree, Nila, Kala Bhavan, Sree Padmanabha, Sree Visak, Anjali, Athulya, Dhanya, Remya

Official Festival Website

Find more about the festival in the official webiste http://www.iffk.in/

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