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Victory Day Celebrations

Various functions were organized by the Russian Cultural Centre in Trivandrum to mark the 68th anniversary of the Great Victory over Fascism. The celebrations comprised of War Film Festival, Seminar, Photo Exhibition and live show of the Parade on Big Screen were held on 8 and 9 May.

War Film Festival

2013-may-victory-parade1National Award winning Film Director Mr.Syamaprasad inaugurated the War Film Festival on 8 May. In his inaugural address Mr. Syamaprasad said that the former Soviet Union and the present Russia were committed to promote movies through patriotism and Patriotism through movies. “The best war films were produced in Russia. Making war films are not easy because the script has to justify the historical truth, equipments used need to match with the original and over all technical perfection need to be addressed including the attention given to large number of junior artists. Russian War films are well known for its perfection”, said  Mr.Syamaprasad.

Cranes are Flying, The Star, Moscow does not believe in Tears, At Dawn its quiet here, They fought for their Motherland were screened as part of the War Film Festival.

Seminar  Psychological aspect of  the Victory Day celebration – Russian point of view.

2013-may-victory-psychologyThe seminar on the subject Psychological aspect of the Victory Day celebration – Russian point of view was held on 8 May. Famous Psychologist in Russia Dr.Natalia Pravdina delivered the Key-Note address. In her speech Dr. Pravdina described the emotional value of Russians and other citizens of the erstwhile Soviet Union while they celebrate the Victory Day. “It is hard to find a family in Russia that did not loose at least one member in the World War-II. The Former Soviet Union had to sacrifice   nearly 30 million lives of its citizens to prevent spreading fascism across the World. This victory needs to be celebrated in a bigger way to share the values of the courageous Russian soldiers who died for the Fatherland”, said Dr.Natalia Pravdina. Mr.Ratheesh C. Nair, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation and Director, Russian Cultural Centre in Trivandrum presided over the function.

Photo2013-may-victory-photo1 Exhibition   

An exhibition of photographs highlighting the historical moments of the Second World War were exhibited at the Roerich Art Gallery of the Russian Cultural Centre on 8 and 9 May. More than 40 photographs reflecting the sad moments and historical victory were exhibited from 10 am 5 pm.

Live telecast

Live telecast of the Victory day Parade on Russian TV channel was shown on big screen at the Conference Hall of the Russian Cultural Centre from 11 am(Indian Standard Time) on 9 May 2013. More than 50 people including Russian Nationals and Students of the language school watched the live telecast.

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