The idol of freedom – Nelson Mandela is no more

Nelson_Mandela-2013South Africa’s national hero  and  Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela has passed away at the age of  95 years  on Thursday. The demise of the freedom fighter has was announced by South African President Jacob Zuma in a nationally televised television program. Nelson Mandela brought us together and together we say goodbye to him,” Zuma said. He died at 20.50 local time clock at his home in Johannesburg.

Mandela had recently been suffering from severe pneumonia and therefore spent three months in hospital. Since 1 September he was treated in his home. The Nobel Peace Prize winner , who was spend 27 years in jail because of his struggle against the racist apartheid regime. The world has lost a symbol of freedom and humanity. In 1994, he became the first president of a democratic South Africa and remained until 1999 in this office .

Zuma cried national mourning for the period from Friday to the funeral of Mandela .

World leaders reacted to the news of affected Mandela’s death. As one of the first, U.S. President Barack Obama expressed, “He has achieved more than can be expected from the people,” . He has also stated that his own life is difficult to imagine without the example of Mandela. Mandela’s political legacy of nonviolence and the rejection of any racism will remain for a long time inspiration to people around the world , said Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron called Mandela a ” hero of our time” . French President Francois Hollande declared that Mandela wrote history – the South Africa and around the world . UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said , Nelson Mandela showed the world what everything is possible if you believe in justice and humanity , dream and was working together .

In recent years, Mandela’s health was always a concern. Last year he fought mainly against a lung disease, a result of his decades – long imprisonment . In the summer he was being treated for severe pneumonia in hospital. After his release , the South African national hero spent his last weeks in the family circle . Mandela married three times. From two of these marriages he has got 6 children .

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