Steps taken by Trivandrum city police during onam

Trivandrum city police is commited to make this onam the most secure especially within the city limits

Various steps has been undertaken by the city police commissioner as part of onam celebrations.

More police personels in jeep/bike/foot and wemen police officials has been deployed in various parts of the city for controlling traffic and create a safe path for the pedestrians during the onam festival.

Within the city limits already there are 223 security cameras and more cameras will be placed in locations where there will be crowd gathering and to monitor the activities of anti social elements.
Steps has been taken to deploy police aid posts to cater to the needs of the public and control rooms has also been unfurled in places where onam programs are taking place.

Public address systems are installed in places where there will be more crowd gathering and in building there will be inumerable walkins.

Pre paid auto rickshaw counters has been opened in Thampanoor bus stand and pettah railway station and a womens help desk has been opened in medical college.

Shadow police both and men and wemen police officers will be positioned in various parts of the city.

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