Thiruvananthapuram: National award winner of the best debut director Sidhartha Shiva’s 101 chodyangal (101 questions) was screened in the competition category for the 18th International Film Festival of Kerala at Kairali theatre. The director and his family and the producer were welcomed with a wide applause by the spectators. He expressed his utmost happiness in screening his 101 questions for a movie carnival like International Film Festival. The story focuses on the life of a school boy Anilkumar Bokaro hailing from a low class family which is presented with the flavour of village background. His family struggles a lot of hardships and miseries to make both ends meet.

The story gets a new turn with the arrival of a new teacher at his school. He asks the favour of Bokaro to find some queries for his book 101 questions. The inquisitiveness of his childish innocence finds and formulates questions from the daily walks of his life. His life turns out to be the open book for his doubts. His final and 101th question becomes the crucial one. The query was so heart touching that rolled down tears from the eyes of the spectator.

The director Sidhartha Shiva opined that like any other movie production, his film also passed the stages of consequence through which all movies travel. The huge crowd and the expressive reactions of the esteemed audience proved the worth of his movie. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to Thomas kottakkakam for producing the film. The other Malayalam movie to be staged in the competition category is Kamal’s Celluloid. He argued that albeit only two Malayalam movies are selected for competition, it does not imply that others lack the desired standard.

But the main factor is the jury’s criteria. Even though he gained recognition as an actor at first, he likes to stick on to the field of direction. He is in the workshop of his new movies. His first initiative gained much fame in the International Film Festival of Goa. He is very much delighted to see his movie again for an international level film carnival hosted at God’s own country. He also said that he would like to enjoy rest of the movies to be staged in the festival.


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