Satellite Rights hits record for Manju warrier Movies

It is usual that after marriage actresses usually don’t come back even if they come back they will not get a warm welcome by the the fans. But that is not the case with Manju Warrier. Manju Warriers’ come back is being celebrated by the electronic media like never before and there is no actress in malayalam movie industry who has got this kind of warm welcome by their fans. Recently many actresses who have stopped acting in films years back and returned to the industry after a long gap but their return was not very much discussed like this by the media.

There were reports that satelllite rights of about 4 crores has been offered for Manju Warrier’s movies by the channels for which the shooting has not yet started.

As per sources manju warrier has confirmed 3 major projects one with Renjith – Mohanlal Team,  2 projects by Roshan Andrews – Sanjay Boby Team and 1 with salim ahmed and suresh gopi. The handful of movie projects which manju is receiving after a gap of 14 years from the industry shows love and admiration for the people of kerala towards the actress. It was in the reports that manju will play a major role in a movie directed by veteran and legendary director Balachandra Menon.

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