“Kaho naa pyar hai” & “koi mil gaya”made me a rakesh roshan fan.But now KRISHH3 showed how much outdated he is. The movie is far behind our present day thinking.The movie can be compared with 1990’s doordarshan serials like shaktiman, captain vyom etc both in terms of story and graphics.

  • All the anti hero characters are ditto from x-men series, which even an LKG student can identify.
  • Graphics and special effects didn’t reached expectation’s for such a big budget movie. Even Costumes and makeup of the characters also looked worse.

( The old man Rohith was not having any symptoms of age in his face and the metal wear of       Kaal was looking like some school drama costume.)

  • Songs of the movie also done same as other areas including the “raghupathi raghava rajaram” song, which ruined a famous bhajan.
  • The movie is full of illogical non-sense’s. ( First time I’m seeing a lady dancing in a club with her husband, after telling him that she is pregnant.)
I didn’t find any positive sides of the movie. Its a boring non-sense movie of 2.45 hours with a big star caste.

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