Police to curb illegal roadside business and constructions

Inorder to simplify and make it easy for vehicles to pass in and around attingal town police is taking measures to cease illegal roadside business and illegal construction inside the town. Police is taking measures after the department has been criticized by Highway Jagratha Samithy. As part of measures to be undertaken by the police department, a meeting of various political parties has been held to raise their issues. Police has told that all the political parties have shown a favourable attitude towards the same. All those roadside businesses will be removed which are not having license from corporation, those business which acquired the space of footpaths and those illegal constructions on foot paths by various shop owners. Police has told that the shop owners who have illegal construction or roadside business should be removed at their own will before monday. If it is not removed by monday then police will be forcefully removing those. Since illegal constructions has been made and roadside businesses has flourished it is very difficult especially for childrens and womens to walk along the footpaths in the public roads. This situation has paved way for increasing the number of accidents in the area. After the issue has been raised by people and police department a new union has been organised named Attingal Footpath business owners union whose main objective is to help those who are running business in foot paths.

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